Whitebeard’s illness – Curse of the legendary pirates?


Whitebeard’s illness: was it a curse???


It’s was pretty clear that Whitebeard was extremely weak during the Marineford war as he got tired easily but he kept pushing. Roger also came down with the same illness before he died. Whitebeard could have gotten that same illness like the curse which goes to the next person after one is dead.

What was the illness?

The illness caused both men to lose their powers. Roger and Whitebeard used some heavy medication to stay alive and Whitebeard was unable to use his conquerors haki due to this his conditions.

It’s like a curse, if Whitebeard or Roger had remained at their full powers they could have dominated the seas but they were losing power everytime they fought or the curse was getting stronger as he got older.


Final stage of the illness

Death due to loss of energy. Let me explain how I got it. Whitebeard didn’t die because of his injuries, eventhough they would eventually get to him, but during the war when he fought Blackbeard he was fighting with his last piece of reserved energy, meaning that he had no energy to do anything.
Roger could have been able to predict his death in a similar way so he surrendered because he didn’t want to be beaten.


Reasons why he got the illness?

Both Whitebeard and Roger were men who never backed out of a fight and they both
• Overused their powers
• Went beyond their limits getting severe injuries
• Both were kings
Roger was pirate king
Whitebeard was the king of the seas
Meaning that they had an endless amount of people to fight including the the marine admirals and higher ups
And Whitebeard faught the 3 admirals before his death. Even if he could beat them they were durable and could fight longer but Whitebeard was dying as he used his powers

When did he get the illness?

Whitebeard could have gotten the illness when he was 50 around the time Roger was executed because when they met for the last time Whitebeard was healthy.
Roger also died at 53 but Whitebeard lived until his late 70s meaning that he lived for 20+ years, it could have been slowly taking his life

So this curse will only befall on legendary pirates who never back down from fights like Shanks, Kaido or Big Mom.

Next in line for this curse

“Red-Haired” Shanks

I highly doubt that Shanks would lose to Blackbeard at full power. Shanks would need to get the same curse that Whitebeard and Roger but Shanks could possible fall ill at some point at the series.
Shanks, like Roger’s illness was passed on to Whitebeard after he died, could possibily be the next victim who could inherent this curse.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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