Who has the Highest Bounty in One Piece


Chapter I – Highest Bounty“​

For many years people assumed Dragon has the highest bounty because he is the “Most Wanted Man In The World”.


Considering a bounty is a reflection of “Threat” rather than “Strength” it further benefits the argument that Monkey D. Dragon (Leader of the Revolutionaries) has the highest bounty in One Piece.

But recently there was a leaked quote from a One Piece editor saying: “Shanks has the highest Yonko bounty” which caused some controversy because some people are saying “Shanks has the highest bounty”

Think about it like this:

What do you think is going to happen when Dragon OFFICIALLY declares War on the World Government?

His bounty will go UP.

So, it makes sense that Dragon’s CURRENT bounty is lower… then it becomes the highest bounty in One Piece, by the end of The Reverie.

“Current Bounty” Example


“New Bounty” Example (After Reverie Arc)


(I don’t think these will be the actual numbers, but you get the idea, “Current Vs. New”)

This could also be why Sabo’s bounty is only 600 million (The Revolutionaries have been plotting, but haven’t made their big move)

Final Thoughts: I think it’s possible that Dragon’s CURRENT bounty is lower than we think, but will finish as the “Highest Bounty” in One Piece, by the end of Reverie
(Or when the War begins) The Revolutionaries have not made a move, so even though they directly oppose the World Government, they have not done anything major yet. A threat is not enough. There is a huge difference in saying “I am going to shoot you with a gun one day” Vs Actually shooting someone with a gun. Just like saying “I’m going to destroy the World Government” Vs Actually starting the war to do it.

Also, something to consider…

“Recently, the creator of One Piece sat down with Viz Media, and it was there the artist opened up about the manga’s future. According to translation summaries, Oda was asked specifically about bounty reveal, and the artist name-dropped Dragon and Aokiji. Oda said the two will have their bounties revealed during an impending Reverie, and they will “leave everyone in shock.””

Chapter II​ – Shanks, the biggest “Pirate threat”/ “Highest Yonko Bounty”

I will explain my thoughts on this from two perspectives:

-Author’s Perspective:

In manga, “a character potential is equal to their purpose”

It seems Shanks purpose in the story is to be killed by Blackbeard, for character development.

As an author, I think Oda has given Shanks the “Highest Yonko Bounty” so when Blackbeard kills him, Blackbeard will have the “Highest Yonko Bounty” and become the greatest “Pirate threat” on the seas (officially the strongest man in the world)

Why does Blackbeard need this?

So when Luffy beats him, Luffy will have the highest “Pirate Bounty” and become the Pirate King.

I call this “Character progression transfer”

In manga, an Author will build up his “Villain” so when his main character beats him, everything you felt about the “Villain” transfers over to the MAIN CHARACTER. This is manga “Law“.

Shanks’ purpose in this story is to die for character development (IMO)

-Story’s Perspective:

Why is Shanks the biggest “Pirate threat” to the World Government?

Pirate sins don’t disappear, especially not those of the Roger Pirates

Technically speaking… isn’t Shanks a “Roger Pirate?” (You know what I mean)

So, let’s assume Shanks didn’t leave the crew until AFTER Roger’s death. Then we can assume he has BEEN to Raftel. He KNOWS the History of the World. And he knows WHERE/WHAT One Piece is.

That would make him the ONLY Yonko that knows how to get One Piece.

Think about it.


  • Knows where/what One Piece is
  • Knows the “History of the World”
  • Knows how to get to Raftel
  • Yonko Level/ Crew
  • “Pirate King” potential

Isn’t this worthy of the highest Yonko bounty?

If you’re the World Government, who is the biggest “Pirate Threat”?

I got Shanks.

Chapter III – “Final Bounty”

“Final Bounty” in One Piece is a person’s final bounty.

For example: Roger and Whitebeard are DEAD. Their bounties are NEVER going to change. (So if Roger’s bounty is revealed at 4 Billion… it will never change)

Reyliegh is retired, so unless something drastic happens, his bounty is NOT going to change.

As an author, Oda must be careful when releasing a bounty of one of his legends because he will be FORCED to write around those concepts.

For example: Let’s say 10 years ago Oda revealed Reyliegh’s bounty and it was 9 Billion. Oda would be forced to maintain that ratio. Meaning Roger and Whitebeard’s bounties would HAVE to be Higher than 9 Billion.

Why is this a problem?

What if Oda wakes up one day and realizes he doesn’t like those high numbers?

And prefers a Yonko’s bounty to be at a cool and realistic 2 billion, rather than a crazy 10 billion+? And wants the highest bounty in OP to cap out at 5 Billion, rather than 10 Billion+? He would have regret.

Legend bounties are Final, so I can imagine Oda is being patient and waiting until he his comfortable with his decision. (Picking bounty numbers he will have no regret with)

Therefore, he is revealing bounties from Lowest to Highest.

Why does this matter?

I think Shanks has a “Final Bounty” and I’ll explain why…

There isn’t much a man like Shanks can do to increase his bounty. Unless he decides to join the revolutionaries or become Pirate King, I honestly think this is going to be the bounty Shanks will die with. His “Final Bounty“.

Shanks is at his apex, so unless he does something crazy, his bounty is “Final

(Bounties in the billions will not move unless something Huge happens… Like a Yonko killing another Yonko…)


A character’s potential is equal to their purpose

So, if Oda needs you to be strong – you will be strong and if Oda needs you to have a high bounty – you will have a high bounty. Characters with a purpose will always go further than characters without one. This is manga “Law“.

*Theory by Monkey D. Draggin

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