Who Will Defeat Kaido’s 3 Commanders KING, QUEEN and JACK


After the latest chapter, I thought I’d post about some matchups for this arc.

First, King. I am leaning more towards Zoro vs King.


Let me explain. It’s not just because of the pattern of Zoro fighting the second strongest villain. For both Sanji and Zoro, I think they will face opponents that will help them improve in certain areas. Zoro aims to be the greatest swordsman, right? Well, one area that he’s lacking compared to Mihawk is flying slashes. In Marineford, we saw Mihawk’s very long ranged and devastating flying slash that could cut through a distant mountain of ice.

In Dressrosa on the other hand, Zoro ruled out his flying slashes being effective at a distance against Pica. King’s flying abilities might be just the obstacle Zoro needs to accomplish such a feat.


Also, it would be more thematically appropriate for Zoro’s opponent in Wano to be primarily a swordsman when it comes to weapons. Queen has been shown using multiple weapons while King (devil fruit aside) sticks to his sword. I don’t think it would be fitting for Zoro to leave Wano without a proper swordsfight.


Now Queen goes to Sanji. How could this improve Sanji’s skills? Well, for starters I think it could help him improve both his kicks and Armament Haki.

A lot of Sanji’s opponents in the New World have been able to shrug off his blows or outright no sell them. We also haven’t seen him use Armament Haki very much. Ancient Zoans have been shown to very durable and strong, and Queen has the biggest and arguably strongest Ancient Zoan yet. This could really help Sanji improve the force of his kicks.

I also believe that Sanji’s Raid Suit could give him a necessary advantage against Queen. It might protect him from Queen’s disease-riddled ammunition.

Jack was beaten and injured by the Minks, but he isn’t ruled out of the fight yet.

I like to think Jinbe could be the one to take him out. They’re both really strong fishman with fights lasting 5 days on their resumes, so why not? What if they fight in Wano over strongest Fish-Man title?

*by PilgrimofEternity

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