Who Will Defeat Kaido’s 3 Commanders KING, QUEEN and JACK


I’ve seen a lot of possible matchups for Wano, but I think to truly figure out who will be fighting who, you need to loom back to previous 1vs1 fights. So before we go any further let’s do a quick analysis of Alabasta and Enies Lobby.



Zoro vs “Mr. 1” Daz Bonez

Zoro fought against the strongest crewman(aside from Crocodile). The opponent was strong and respectable, and had a relationship with the second strongest(Mr. 2) similar to Zoro & Sanji’s relationship(they fight a lot).


Sanji vs “Mr. 2” Bon Kurei

Sanji fights against the second strongest of the opponent’s crew, but instead of the opponent being respectable(at the time, Bon Kurei is dope) they have a gag associated with them. Sanji’s opponent is always a huge GAG, they have a lot of power but always have some sort of running joke in the fight. In Bon Kurei’s fight, it was his devil fruit which went against sanji’s moral code. It’s also worth mentioning the fight was very martial arts/physically oriented.



Zoro vs Kaku

Almost the exact same as above, Zoro fights the number 2 of the organization, who is a respectable opponent. Kaku and Jabra have a relationship mirroring Zoro and Sanji.

Sanji vs Jabra

Jabra was the next strongest fighter after Kaku, the fight is very martial arts/physically oriented, and Jabra has a running gag throughout, he’s a liar. He constantly tries to lie his way to an advantage.

So now that we’ve looked back, what can we see? Zoro fights the badass, number 2 in strength, while Sanji fights the utter gag, number 3 in strength.

So when we look at Wano, what can we see as possible matchups?

Zoro vs King

King is the first commander of the Beasts Pirates, he’s a swordsman and he’s most likely extremely strong. So Zoro vs King is almost guaranteed.

Sanji vs Queen

Does Queen, the 2nd strongest after King, fit with Sanji’s previous fights? Yes, I think he does. Queen is a very quirky character, he dances a ton, he’s a complete glutton. There are theories according to which he’s an Okama, but there’s also the fact that he’s the “weirdest” out of all of Kaido’s top fighters (fitting in with Sanji’s previous opponents). Plus Queen is a physical fighter. So it makes sense for Sanji to fight him.

So that leaves us with Jack.

Jinbe vs Jack

It’s obvious that it won’t be Luffy, since he will be focusing on Kaido (probably along with Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law so they’re eliminated as well), which leaves us with Jinbe. What if they fight in Wano over strongest Fish-Man title?

Another possibility is the rematch between Jack and Inuarashi & Nekomamushi. The two could have a chance of fighting Jack as revenge and we might get to see their Sulong forms.

*Theory by Benford02

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