Who will help Luffy to bring down Kaido and Big Mom Alliance


As we all know, Big Mom and Kaido recently decided to postpone their battle and form an alliance to conquer the world.


This was already foreshadowed by Garp when he talked about Rox.

I expected them to team up to make things harder but who will help Luffy right now?

There are multiple possibilities:

1 – Shanks


The information network for Yonko shouldn’t be lacking as Blackbeard in chapter 925 was aware of the soon to be meeting between Big Mom and Kaido. The Reverie is at the fourth day at this point so Shanks has plenty of time to get to Wano. Shanks said he would meet Luffy soon but more importantly he wouldn’t sit back and watch Luffy face two Yonko when he wouldn’t even let Kaido join Marineford. Also we could get some backstory on Shanks encounter with Kaido back then.

2 – Monkey D. Dragon


Luffy’s father cares about his son’s life as seen when stopped Smoker from capturing him. He may have to help protect his son somehow. It’s likely that liquor iron ore is being made by the weapon factories in Wano and the Revolutionaries are against it as seen in Dressrosa. Who wouldn’t want to see a Dragon vs Dragon?

3 – World Government

Woah! But the Marines arent allies of Pirates!!! As Garp mentioned the complete gathering of the Rox would be a danger to the World Government but that doesn’t make them an ally to Luffy….. when Shanks visited the Gorosei he may have known about the impending danger of Big Mom and Kaido and somehow use his political power to convince the World Governmentto help Luffy. Yes the pirate he was talking about could be Luffy.

4 – Remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates

A lot of people already expects Marco to join the final fight against Kaido in Wano but I don’t hear much talk about the others. At this point Luffy really needs all the help he can get so there is a chance that Marco gathers what is left of Whitebeard’s crew including Vista and Jozu.

*Theory by WanderingFodder

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