Who’s-Who still hasn’t revealed his true strength!


I was tempted to call it last week, but Chapter 1008 for me settles that Rokushiki is just Haki. Who’s Who uses Tekkai and just blackens his teeth, which would be as pointless as using Tekkai on a sword since Tekkai supposedly involves only muscles.


Oda could easily emphasize that techniques are being stacked. Instead, we just get Jinbe pointing to his Armament Haki-covered arm calling it Tekkai in jest.

According to the Vivre Cards, CP9 Members all had Haki because Rokushiki contains Haki. Oda will take a vague idea from early in the story then develop much later, ignoring minor inconsistencies such as Lucci’s Shigan not hurting Luffy’s throat, but you only really need to understand the current context.


Interesting that the World Government thought covering their fists or weapons in Haki wasn’t good enough and created a much more complex fighting style for their agents with Soru for speed, Geppo for mobility, Rankyaku for range, Shigan for weapon-less assasination, etc…


Rokuogan, the secret advanced form, certainly makes sense as the Armament Haki projection Luffy learned in Udon and Rayleigh, Marigold, Sentomaru, Admirals showcased before. If Who’s Who has one more final attack in him left, it will be a Rokuogan technique to prove he is a genius like Lucci.

Who’s Who vs Jinbe fight is certainly not over.

  • Oda never drew Who’s Who with his eyes whited out (or alternatively with his mask broken, similar to what he did with Doflamingo and his glasses).
  • Who’s Who is an Ancient Zoan and one of the strongest Tobiroppo. If Ulti could come back after getting KO’d twice, first by Yamato and then by Big Mom, who literally blasted a hole through her, this shouldn’t be all it takes to take out Who’s Who.
  • Who’s Who likely didn’t go all out. He is portrayed to be Lucci’s rival, with him having a similar zoan devil fruit and showing similar Rokushiki techniques (such as flying shigan and spots). There are still three major techniques of Lucci which he is yet to show, those being Rokuogan, Seimei Kikan, and Kami-e.

I think Oda is making this look like a Jinbe win, in order to set up the power of Awakened Zoans (here’s a theory which suggests that Who’s-Who have awakened his zoan devil fruit).
Who’s Who could not only come back, he could come back stronger.

*by Lampyris

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