Why Aokiji should be the World’s Most Wanted Man


Why is Aokiji not the world’s most wanted man at the moment? Eliminating him should be the Marine’s highest priority.


He was very popular with the troops of any rank, which was why most flag officers favored him as candidate for the position of Fleet Admiral. However, after losing the position to Sakazuki, he resigned from the Marines. He is currently a member of the Blackbeard Pirates led by the dreaded Yonko Marshall D. Teach.

This dude was a goddamn Admiral who deserted and joined the archenemy Teach. This is not only incredibly embarrassing for the Marines and the World Government but imagine the sheer amount of insider information he has access to. It’s like if a US general decided to join the Taliban.


I’m honestly surprised the Gorosei haven’t made Akainu resign over this. They should have sent the full force of the Marines to shut down Blackbeard once they heard about this.

With all this in mind I would give Aokiji a 4.5 billion bounty.

Even if this is actually some big plan and Aokiji is actually a SWORD operative, they should at least try to keep up appearances to avoid Blackbeard’s suspicion.

*by Apprehensive_Bee9924

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