Why Basil Hawkins is going to join Eustass Kid’s Crew


I feel like that Basil Hawkins joining Eustass Kid’s crew is the most logical route for his character to take. Hawkins’ character arc has been something like this. While he initially agreed with allying with Kid to take down Shanks, when Kaido came crashing down on their alliance, he was faced with impossible odds and chose the option that would best ensure his survival.

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However, Kid and Killer never submitted and decided to fight Kaido instead. In truth, he wanted to fight against Kaido, as revealed in Chapter 1029, however he was afraid of dying and hence chose to become a member of the Beasts Pirates.

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Hawkins basically lives by his probabilities and only does things when the odds are in his favor. However, I believe his fight with Killer and Kid’s subsequent fight with Big Mom, will change things. Killer fought against Hawkins even when the odds weren’t in his favor and still came out victorious. Kid has done the same thing, but with even worst odds against Big Mom. By winning his battle, Kid essentially disproved Hawkins’s entire philosophy.


However ultimately, Hawkins isn’t like Kid or Killer. In the New World, you either join an Emperor or fight against one. Hawkins is ultimately a follower and post Wano, he will likely struggle to survive if he is by himself. The SSG will likely spread across the New World and swallow up weaker pirate crews.


The only way Hawkins can survive is if he allies with another, stronger pirate. I feel like this pirate will be Eustass Kid, due to their past and the fact that Killer disproved his philosophy by defeating him. Kid and Killer’s exploits in Wano will lead to Hawkins having faith that they can win against the odds, similar to the Straw Hats’ faith in Luffy.

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One final point, as it stands, Killer is really the only notable member of Kid’s crew. While Heat seems stronger than fodder, he is still a background character.

The Kid Pirates will never be as strong as the Straw Hats, yet Oda does still parallel the two crews. With the Straw Hats getting the Grand Fleet and then Jinbe, I think Oda is going to give the Kid Pirates something of a boost. This will ultimately serve to give Eustass Kid the “5th Emperor” status that Luffy had post-Whole Cake Island, with post Wano Luffy becoming a full blown Emperor.

*by Monkey D Theories

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