Why Koby is Brilliant and Underrated Character


When you think of the best characters in One Piece, Koby is barely brought up so I thought, let me shine some light upon the writing Oda has done on the greatness of Koby.


Gaining Self-Esteem Through Luffy

We are first introduced to Koby, where he was sucking up to Alvida and not standing up for himself reflected by his low self-esteem.

Koby being a people pleaser and lacking self value.


Koby lacking Courage, staying in his comfort zone and being a cabin boy.


Koby seeing how confident Luffy is, in his grand dream about becoming the Pirate King and how courageous Luffy is.

Through observing Luffy, Koby awakened an inner confidence to pursue his dreams.

Coming to the realization it’s better if he tried to chase a dream and failed, compared to staying in his comfort zone as a cabin boy.

Koby wanting to depend on himself and not relying on others.

Comparing Past-Self to Current

Comparing himself to his past, coming to the realization on how big the world actually is.

New Grand Dream

Koby trying to make his original dream of joining the Navy even more grand. He now wants to be an Admiral seeking for the peak of the Marines.

Koby feels as if his dream is more than he deserves but again seeing the faith of Zoro and Luffy further motivates him in chase of becoming an Admiral.

Standing up to Akainu

Here, Koby is standing up to Akainu and this moment shows how much Oda cares about Koby’s character and the brilliance of this scene.

He has come to the realization that after the objective has been achieved, countless bloodshed is counterproductive for both sides. Koby shows how much he loves the Marines and the soldiers compared to Akainu.

We see Koby standing up for himself, not depending on anyone. We see Koby gaining courage and even though he is crying, it makes the moment feel more realistic.

Why does it feel more realistic? It is because the decision was so much out of Kobys comfort zone that instead of staying in his comfort zone and not doing anything, he has decided to go out of his comfort zone anyways and to do the most challenging thing Koby has done in his life.

Like Koby said before, he would rather die trying to achieve something compared to staying in his comfort zone. He had no regrets because he stood up for himself.

This moment not only did Koby gain respect, from the Koby fans but also Shanks.

That is All so far and hoping to see more of Koby as the story goes on.

*Theory by LogicalGoal5

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