Why Kozuki Oden being alive is a concrete possibility


My theory is that Kozuki Oden survived by being transported in time by Toki.

Part 1: The Plan


She reassures him he will not die, and Oda cuts off the conversation for us here. It’s safe to assume they continued talking. You can argue that she explained why he wasn’t going to die…. right? They made a plan. This woman survived the VOID CENTURY, they can survive this.

“I want you to use your power Toki. If i should die..” Toki then travels forwards in time “Please. Give the children these swords.” This then leads to Zoro gaining Enma “Who said you were going to die?” This then leads to the plan that saves Oden.

Part 2: Executing the Plan

During what we believe is his execution, you can see him talking about “leave”. Toki has done this multiple occasions, using “leave” and “depart” simply meaning traveling forwards in time.

Oden isn’t going to die to a boiling pot……. he was born to boil!


As he falls into the pot, he smiles. “Oh, it could be the will of D! or just honor!” That’s a red herring. He’s smiling because he knows he was born to boil.

Part 3: The Return


Oden and Gyukimaru are shown wielding the same sword(s) simply because Oden met up with him. This isn’t a clone to give a moral boost.

Sabo Parallels:

Just like Oden, Sabo wished to be a pirate who sailed the seas and write a book about it. Oden had a logbook and begged to sail with Whitebeard. Both were thought to have “died”, but turned up alive.

Luffy = Roger. Ace = Whitebeard. Sabo = Oden.

Luffy = Roger. Ace = Whitebeard. Sabo = Oden.

Misc Info:

We must remember there’s one more mystery person. If it were to be Toki, it further solidifies she had a plan with Oden. And it crosses out Kanjuro as they have no reason to be together, as well as Catarina.

Here is one of the 2 times Usopp cracked his skull, severely. Oden was born to boil, he’s not going to go down that way. Oden was shot once in silhouette, and i’m betting he has better endurance than Usopp.

Question1: How did Oden survive the boiling pot? Answer: He was born to boil.

Question2: What about the bullet? Answer: Law, Hacchi, Proessor Clover, etc… all tanked bullet better than Oden? What about Usopp cracking his skull twice?

Question3: Doesn’t this take away his whole legacy? Isn’t it wrong to bring back the dead? Answer: No, this is an opportunity to add to Oden’s legacy. And he’s not being brought back if he never left.

Question4: What will happen if that’s actually him? Answer: -An exciting clash with Kaido- A moment where Oden recognizes Zoro has Enma- An interesting encounter with Yamato, fanboy moment- Reunite with his son, Momonosuke. Oden now has the opportunity to lead Wano, while Momonosuke could join the Straw Hat Pirates as apprentice.

*Theory by lilevil333

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