Why Sanji vs King makes totally sense!


King vs Sanji duel took me by surprise. Sanji rescuing and praising Momonosuke was great and touching.


I think Sanji will be alright after King’s attack. He probably he protected himself with the use of Armament Haki and with his raid suit as a second layer of protection I’m guessing he will be back in the game pretty fast.

The fights are always 200 times more hype with elevated storytelling, the context that gives those fights meaning is what makes One Piece so memorable for me. But even with the power scaling Oda has been more or less pretty consistent on this!


Page One was clearly no match for Sanji in the raid suit, Sanji landed that aerial blow and left unscathed while Page One didn’t bother to look for him again.


Page One obviously survived, because 1) it would have been stupid for Sanji to waste all of his energies and health in that one battle against Page One, and 2) we know zoan devil fruit users, especially if awakened, are very sturdy and hard to take down in just one blow like that. Big Mom attacked Queen multiple times and he still managed to kidnap her.

Sanji vs King makes sense to me because King is an aerial zoan devil fruit user that relies a lot on his kicks for combat, which is perfect for Sanji.

Now we’ll get to see if Sanji can hold up against one of the strongest characters in the One Piece World. This is a big deal as the story progresses because now if we have Sanji beating King we have someone who can potentially stand up to an Admiral and let’s be real it all goes back to the World Government. Sanji vs Kizaru wouldn’t be so far fetched suddenly.

Also, since we entered Onigashima, Zoro is always emphasized as a Supernova and not just as a Straw Hat. I believe Oda really plans something big for the Supernovas in Wano, perhaps a team fight of Supernovas vs Kaido & Big Mom. I have a feeling that Enma is going to be a big deal in taking Kaido down with Luffy and Zoro dealing the finishing blows.

*by eelcat15

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