Why Sanji will come to the conclusion that he has to save Momonosuke instead of the Scabbards


Bao Huang reports that Yamato is with Shinobu, and Sanji, who overheard, realizes both Momonosuke and Shinobu are in danger while also wondering who Yamato is.


He asks a beaten pirate where the Sealed Storeroom is and he tells him it is near the entrance to the Skull Dome. Sanji realizes that is in the opposite direction as Kin’emon’s position, leaving him confused as to which side needs him most right now.

After a bit of deliberating, he makes his decision.

I strongly believe Sanji will go to Momonosuke, here’s why.


Sanji is always thinking ahead in times like this. Because of that, I’m going to make the assumption that he weighed in what the Scabbards would want him to do. They would want him to save Momonosuke because, after all, he is everything to them, and the future of their country. The Scabbards would never be able to forgive themselves if Momonosuke was indirectly hurt because of them.


This more than likely crossed Sanji’s mind so he made the split decision to go save Momonosuke. This also opens up the floor to some more comedic moments with Sanji meeting Yamato, (very important as he is highly likely the next Straw Hat, giving us more crew bonding) while also getting another Sanji + Momo perv gag where Sanji is furious that Momonosuke gets to be a perv.

If this does end up happening (I’m like 90% sure this is going to be the case) then we have a potential matchup of Jack vs Yamato (something a lot of us want to see) as well as giving Sanji the opportunity to fight someone stronger like King or Queen.

*by StonerTogepi

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