Why Straw Hats’ Bounties won’t go up at the end of this arc


Luffy is currently at Whole Cake Island, and there, he has completely destroyed Big Mom’s plan for obtaining the military strength of Germa 66.


He defeated one of the Three Sweet Commanders Charlotte Cracker and the strongest Sweet Commander Charlotte Katakuri.

Straw Hats also stole Jinbe from Big Mom, working with the Fire Tank Pirates and with the Germa 66. They also obtained the copies of Big Mom’s Poneglyph.


Now everybody thinks that the Straw Hats are going to have another bounty increase after the WCI arc.

But their bounties probably won’t go up for 3 reasons:

1. No Marines or World Government officials were present so there are no reports of the crew’s actions there (except for maybe Big News Morgan’s newspaper)

2. The bounties just recently went up. Would be kinda weird story-wise to change them up again.

3. The Straw Hats did crazy stuff but nothing that is particulary shocking like burning down the World Government flag, saving Ace or taking down a Warlord. Yes, they took down two of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders which is big but nothing really game-changing.

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