Why the Roger Pirates did Nothing


Did Roger and his crew know about Imu? Thinking on it, it’s extremely likely they knew but the Joy Boy before prolly said in his message the only way to fight back is with the Gomu Gomu/Nika fruit and the Ancient Weapons, and I’m betting what made them laugh was Joy Boy trying to explain what the fruit did and how a “rubber man” was going to come save the world: “His arms will snap like pistols, he can raise his leg high up like an axe, he can snap his legs like a wip, he can blow himself to look like a giant balloon and he will make the ground as rubber and be able to stretch it to the heavens.” Maybe this is the reason Roger laughed at how ridiculous this rubber man was going to fight and hearing a Gear 5 explanation.

Also there is something that I saw completely different from some of you, back when Roger was on Laugh Tale and he says “I wish I could have lived in your era” I think Roger was talking about to next Joy Boy, the one that the past Joy Boy was telling them was coming. And this is how they knew that they were too early arriving to Laugh Tale and how Roger had regret cuz he knew he wouldn’t make it to see the next Joy Boy.

So yeah I think they knew about Imu and they just knew they had to wait for Joy Boy, why else would Rayleigh swim the Calm Bets just to get to Luffy. Back in Sabody Rayleigh asked Luffy “do you really think you can do it? Do you think you can conquer the Grand Line?” And I think Luffy’s answer is what triggered him to actually really wanting Luffy to succeed so much that he knew he had to train him.

Here’s what you’re here for:

And I think Roger’s last command to his crew before disbanding them was “spread out all over the world and find Joy Boy”.

So let’s dig a little deeper into this. They might even know what Imu’s real power is and know for sure Nika is the only chance they got. Hence Roger starting the great pirate age, Crocus having the lighthouse right there to see all the pirates that enter the line, maybe he’s looking for a rubber man too, Rayleigh at Sabody an absolute must stop spot for anyone trying to get to/through Fishman Island to the New World that isn’t a Celestial Dragon or part of the World Government. I don’t think we have any other confirmed Roger Pirates locations, but maybe they were spread out looking and waiting for Joy Boy in the other parts of the world, south north west blue etc. One more thing, maybe the man with the burn scar is part of Roger’s crew and was told not to give the Poneglyph to anyone but the future Joy Boy/Nika.

Side note: maybe Dragon knows what happened in the Void Century and maybe he was waiting for Nika too before he could make a move. Kinda funny that Kuma spied on Luffy when he was practicing his battle axe and could have told Dragon yeah your son can stretch all weird and rubber like.

*Theory by KeshinTV

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