Why Zoro will get Nidai Kitetsu instead of Enma


Does it really make sense that the only scar Kaido received is by Oden?


For one, Shusui is a National treasure. The people of Wano will do anything to get it. They’ve already tried to steal it, who is to say Hiyori isn’t lying? What better way to swap something of value for something that is perceived to be as valuable? Is there reason for Hiyori to lie? Most definitely.

Am I saying she’s lying? No, I’m saying I’m reserving judgement and maintaining scepticism which I feel is appropriate.

Why should we be sceptical? It’d be like being told Vista is the only one to scar Mihawk when we know full well he had a rivalry with a superior Swordsman in Shanks. It’d be odd if Shanks didn’t scar him too. This is the same concept here; Whitebeard, Roger, Big Mom and possibly decades worth of individuals we’re unaware of who were extremely powerful.


I also have gripe with the fact we know Kaido has been:

  1. Captured 18 times.
  2. Captured by both Emperors and the Navy.
  3. Tortured thousands of times.

Yet, Oden is the ONLY one to have scarred Kaido? Again, I’m not saying Hiyori is lying, but maybe there’s more to it than we know and I will elaborate on that now.

Wano – A Land of False Beliefs


Wano is a closed country where no information from the outside is allowed to creep in, we even see Kaido enforcing this.

A closed country would think the world revolves around Wano. If we read the aspects of the arc, we’ll see glimpses of this mentality. When Hyogoro meets Luffy, he asks him what family is from because he assumes he’s from Wano.

They even believe Kaido is a deity when he’s in fact a Pirate. The Country is clearly oblivious to somethings especially with their superstitious culture.

Even the “in a 1 on 1, always bet on Kaido” is apparently the sentiments of the people of Wano, not the world. We know for a fact that Whitebeard and co. could take on Kaido. Big Mom is currently in a 1 on 1 with him; I highly doubt she’s losing. At the very least, it’s probably an evenly matched bout.

The people of Wano don’t even know that there are Emperors outside of Wano; this is shown through Luffy asking Hyogoro. They have no knowledge of the outside world.

To summarise:

  1. They’re ignorant of Kaido not being an actual deity, they think he’s one likely due to their superstitious background when he’s actually a Pirate.
  2. Kaido defeating anyone in a 1 on 1 is the common public’s (Wano’s seemingly) perception of Kaido, not the world.
  3. Ignorance of the Emperors.

In general, they’re either uninformed or misinformed.

With that said, is it surprising that the people of Wano would be of the mindset that Kaido’s only scar comes from Oden? I’d imagine Oden is 1 of the people to scar Kaido, but I doubt he’s the only one to do so.

Also taking into account the value of Shusui to the people of Wano, I don’t think they’re beyond lies and deception. This has been somewhat of a theme in Wano. I reserve judgement as I can’t make any definitely conclusions, and will wait for more information.


Finally, as to whether Zoro keeps Shusui? I doubt he does and if he does get Nidai Kitetsu as opposed to Enma, we get this:

  1. ICHI = 1 = Wado ICHImonji
  2. NI = 2 = NIdai Kitetsu
  3. SAN = 3 = SANdai Kitetsu

Does it hold significance? Not necessarily, depends on what direction Oda wants to take things in.

*Theory by HPsyche

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