Will Jewelry Bonney appear in Whole Cake Island?


As I was re-reading last week’s chapter, I decided to go back to pre-Dressrosa and just reread until the present. That’s when my eye caught a curiosity post News-Coo spreading the word after Doflamingo’s defeat:


At first I noticed the roof tiles to be similiar, but I figured that’s not enough to form a correlation since the style was a bit off. Then I took a look at the anime version to see a more detailed picture since it’s so small. I know the animators take tiny liberties with extending the manga into Anime form as well as get some input from Oda on minute details should they be credible ones later, but a look wouldn’t hurt. That’s when my foundation was shook.


The Pizzeria is named “Flola”. Dropping a hint in my eyes, of the name “Lola”, being the daughter that played another massive role in this arc. Furthermore, he included her in the panel just prior to the one of Urouge, which we found out later on that he played a role in taking down Big Mom’s commander Snack.


I immediately returned to the Doflamingo announcing his “Departure” from the Shichibukai. Bonney is seen walking in a location where it appears to be snowing. The anime followed obvious suit and drew and colored it in the standard color for snow, being white. Here is where this began looking obvious to me. This may not be just snow. It’s this:

The shading Oda uses (gray) is the same shading he used on the snow falling when he showed Bonney in that panel.

As opposed to his usual shading of nothing in almost every other panel wher he depicts snow (And yes, I went through a lot of them)

It seems to me that he specifically shaded in the snow for that one tiny panel he was showing Bonney reading that paper so as to hint the cotton candy snow.

In conclusion, the hints and coincidences are piling on and I believe that Bonney herself may be on Cacao Island, if not Tottoland. This would tie in to her Big Mom daughter speculation as where better to hide than at home with a power you can disguise yourself with at a whim. It would also suit her “Big Eater” style considering the whole archipelago Big Mom rules is literally made out of food. She looks likes she’s been in hiding in the same fashion that Robin has in the past, so it’s only natural she would hide out somewhere that she’d know well and have no pursuers, aka home. Oda dropped hints at Bonney’s location more than once in her post timeskips reveals of her, even once putting her on the same page as Urouge who had made contact with the Big Mom Pirates himself just earlier. The snow shading is made gray perhaps in an attempt to make it cotton candy. Oda has been keeping us so busy with everything from Luffy powering up during Katakuri and Helmsman Jimbe, that we’ve been running crazy with Gear 56th peculation while he’s been planting Bonney from the shadows this whole time. All Supernovas are set to converge on or by Wa-no-kuni. Bonney would be the only one left out. Given this predicament, we may just see her coming back with the Strawhats and finally find out what she was crying out. Ace, or Whitebeard? Marco will become present in Wano making the connections that much more prevalent. (Whitebeard didn’t allow women in his crew for some reason or another and supposedly left something behind but I’m not gonna jump the gun here).

I have loads of other speculation for Bonney and her role in the series but that’s a story for another time. In my opinion she’s going to be the most important Supernova (if not second after Law). If I’m wrong, we’ll know full well in a few chapters lol.

*Theory by Chaosceptor

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