Will Sanji Get His Big Fight on Whole Cake Island?


Today I will talk about Sanji and how Snack’s vendetta will actually force Sanji into a fight.

And as usual I leave a youtube version for the lazy ones :D


Basically the latest chapters and more specifically Chapters 894 and Chapter 896 brought back an idea that I was speculating about during the Whole Cake Island but though as not possible anymore. I am talking about Sanji and his possible fight in WCI. I have lost the hope to see him fight especially after he was off to bake the cake and how he was depicted as so fast that Oven couldn’t see him when he saved Chiffon. I thought that he will do the same thing again when Luffy comes out of the mirror in Cacao Island since Oven was the main man organizing the defense around the mirror. And Sanji has already showed that he is fast enough to give him a slip especially when Big Mom Pirates don’t know that Sanji is there, basically a repetition of the Chiffon scene.

But in chapter 894 it is shown that now Oven is not the strongest member around the mirror anymore, because ex sweet commander Snack is there and Snack is an unpredictable factor in this scenario, since we have so little information about him. However, we have some information about him which mind end up crucial in the development of the story in the next few chapters.


And let me start there, Snack was defeated by the Mad Monk Urogue and that defeat lowered his ranking in the Big Mom Pirates since his introduction panel says “Former 4th Sweet commander”. Having in mind that Snack was defeated by a member of the worst generation it is natural to think that Sanck actually has a grudge against the Pirates of the worst generation. If you are not convinced that he has a personal vendetta against the worst generation, you just need to look in the same panel when he was introduced. When Oven says that all these preparations are for Luffy and his small crew, without anybody mentioning the worst generation, Snack says “One of the worst generation, eh” and also has this bubble with all the dots which I read as he is thinking about something. Also, on the same page we can see that Oven while arguing that this should be taken seriously he is having this small cloud around his head showing that he is annoyed and his facial expression looks annoyed too.


Well, Snack is also having the same small cloud and since his face is hidden and we cant read his expression this small cloud is giving him off. So, he is definitely annoyed that the Worst Generations are causing problems again. But, also this is a chance for him to restore his name and his rank! What better opportunity for Snack to take both revenge on the worst generation and gain his position and pride back?

This is just the perfect chance for him and I think that is what he is thinking specifically during his introduction panel.

So, all this leads to the point that Snack would do anything to capture Luffy dead or alive and we know that Luffy is not in a condition to fight now! Even if Pekoms is helping them and occupies most of the people outside there are too many for him and here comes role of Sanji!

Sanji will have to take Luffy and run while Pekoms hold most of the Big Mom Pirates occupied, probably in his Sulong form. But I think that Snack will ignore Pekoms and go straight for Luffy and chase after Sanji. Snack being desperate for revenge and wanting Luffy’s head, will leave no choice for Sanji but to fight! And I think Oda had set up that fight since the beginning of the Whole Cake Island.

We all know that Sanji has been left out from all the fighting for quite some time, but this is not the only thing he has been left out of. Way earlier in the story he was left out of the worst generation group too. But having in mind that based on the internal power scaling in Straw Hat crew, Sanji must be one of the 4 top members, sooner or later he needs to be brought at least close to the worst generation level! And by that I don’t mean to be equal to Luffy and Zoro but I mean be comparable to other members from the Worst Generation!!!

And now when ex sweet commander Snack is part of the picture and he has already been defeated in the past by Urogue, Snack can serve the purpose of a power level bar for Sanji, that he needs to overcome in order to shorten the distance between the worst generation and him, because at the moment it seems that there is a huge gap.

So, what I am trying to say is that Snack will seek revenge and retribution for his defeat against Urogue by trying to capture Luffy which will force Sanji in to a fight. And setting up this fight Oda will use the chance to give Sanji a victory and set push him closer to the worst generation and establish a reasonable power ranking for Sanji.

Plus, it would be nice if we get some new catch phrase from Sanji about food like in his fight against Jabra since the name Snack really predispose for some cheeky new phrase.

Also, the set up with Sanji saying he will save his captain and Snack wanting revenge seems just too perfect to be a coincidence and I can really see the fight happening.

*Theory by Capt_NakedPanda

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