World Government tried to kill Luffy in almost every arc but they have always underestimated him!


The Five Elders always paid close attention to Luffy and his actions, but they seriously underestimated him, and overestimated their own soldiers that they’ve sent to kill Luffy.

  • Although Luffy defeated Arlong, he was still just a young pirate from East Blue. There was no need to deal with him.
  • The first time the Five Elders noticed Luffy was in Alabasta, and Gorosei immediately ordered Luffy to be dealt with. Smoker chose not to capture Luffy. Hina tried to arrest the Straw Hats but Bon Kurei helped him escape. After that, they disappeared because they went to the Sky Island, and the World Government had no way of reaching the Straw Hats, even if they knew where they were.
  • In the next arc after Skypiea, on the Long Ring Long Land, Aokiji was sent to deal with Straw Hats, and he sparred them all because he owed a favor to Garp.
  • In Water 7, CP9 were ordered to kill the Straw Hats, but Robin made a deal with CP9 that if they spare Straw Hats, she will willingly go with them.
  • In Thriller Bark, Kuma was sent to kill Luffy, but Zoro made a deal with him and he sparred Luffy.
  • In Sabaody, Kizaru was sent to kill the Straw Hats but Kuma saved them.
  • In Marineford, they tried to kill Luffy many times, even though they most likely didn’t have the order to do so since they didn’t expect him to be there, because he was previously locked up in Impel Down and they thought Magellan would deal with him.
  • After that he disappeared for 2 years and was kept hidden by Rayleigh and Hancock, so they had no way of reaching him.
  • In Dressrosa, Fujitora was sent to deal with the Straw Hats, but he sparred Luffy in the end.
  • In Zou they had no idea where he was.
  • Whole Cake Island, I mean, he busted into Big Mom’s territory, what are the chances of him escaping alive? Right? He cannot escape?
  • And now Wano… again – What are the chances of him actually escaping alive in a fight against the Beasts Pirates… Oh wait, he’s still alive ? …. oh wait, the Beasts Pirates are fighting alongside Luffy, why ?…. oh wait, the tide is turning against Kaido? …. Wait, Luffy is fighting Kaido toe to toe ?… KILL HIM RIGHT NOW!!

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