Yamato thought Ace was the one Oden was waiting for


I wanted to ramble and discuss about Ace and his purpose within the Wano arc. Seeing how is influence was ever present in O-Tama.


One time, Ace went to Amigasa Village at Wano Country, and befriended the villagers after letting them acquire his food and water. He met a little girl named Tama and formed a bond with her. During his stay, he learned how to weave a kasa. Tama wanted to go out to sea with Ace, but he told her that she was too young at the time. He promised that he would take her with him if she became a kunoichi by the time he returned.

Ok, end of summary on that part. Now that’s how I think things went.

  • Before Ace arrived, I believe Tama and Yamato knew each other. I think Yamato took Tama to Amigasa Village, as it was pretty secluded and not known (possibly). Why do I think this? It’s because I believe Tama is Orochi’s daughter(purple hair), and it would fall into one of the main themes of Wano “I’m not my Father!”, something Ace falls under as well as Yamato and Momonosuke.
  • I believe Ace met Yamato, who masqueraded as Oden at the time in Amigasa Village as well. Ace formed a bond with Tama as well as Yamato.
  • Ace attempted to help Wano, but ultimately failed due to Yamato stopping him and fighting him. Yamato might’ve convinced Ace to leave and come back in a few years, thinking he was Joy Boy and the prophecy may have concerned him.
  • Ace left, ultimately promising to come back and take Tama to sea. Eventually falling under Whitebeard’s flag soon after. Approximately two years later, Ace was captured and set to be executed. Yamato, finding this out, attempted to go and save Ace, which led Kaido into Shanks. I personally think Kaido is a little more honorable or prideful to attack Whitebeard at a moment like this, but could be wrong.
  • After Ace died, Yamato continued to go to Amigasa village to check on Tama, not telling her about Ace. Finally after a year, Kaido learns where Yamato sneaks off to and sends Drake after her, which ultimately ended up in the destruction of Amigasa Village.

Now there’s some little details and Tenguyama(but I do think he knew Yamato as well) missing from this fan made summary.

I’m not quite sure about the purpose of the Ace Connection outside of the “I’m not my father!” theme, but I do think it culminates into two things: Another failure to overcome and the Yamato storyline.

*Theory by OPfan_Luffy16

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