Yamato’s Desire to Face Kaido


Ever since her debut in chapter 983, Yamato has repeatedly expressed a desire to face Kaido in combat. This is something that I feel is underappreciated as the fanbase as largely been dismissive of the prospects of a Yamato vs Kaido fight.


I’ve seen many opinions on this such as:

  • Yamato’s true opponent is Jack.
  • Yamato will only have an emotional confrontation with Kaido and not actually fight it.
  • Yamato will only play emotional support for Luffy during his fight with Kaido.
  • Yamato will serve as rage fuel for Luffy after he sees Kaido defeat her.

Admittedly, I was also initially distrustful of Yamato’s prospects of a battle with Kaido given Oden’s prophecy of the New Generation, but as subsequent chapters reaffirmed Yamato’s commitment to facing Kaido, I reevaluated my position. I now endorse the position that Yamato will get a full fledged battle with Kaido (and actually put up somewhat of a fight against him). Sadly, this position seems to be held by only a tiny minority of the fanbase.


This thread is my attempt to at least make the case that Yamato and Kaido will have a full fledged battle. How much of a fight Yamato could put up against Kaido might be addressed in a subsequent thread or left alone if I don’t feel I have any special insight to provide on the topic.

Yamato’s Desire to Fight Kaido


Below are all the instance I’m aware of, where Yamato indicated that she wants to face Kaido in combat.

Luffy asks Yamato if she really wants to fight on their side, that doing so will mean seeing him whoop Kaido. Yamato asserts that she wishes she could do it herself. She states that Kaido has beaten her several times since childhood and ensured that she always paid the price for challenging him:

She speaks fondly and approvingly of Ace (a man who came to kill her father). He’s the only one she’s called friend:

She tells Luffy to hurry that they need to help finish Kaido off:

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