Yeti Cool Brothers and Numbers are the same race?


Over 1 year ago I posted a theory about Yeti Cool Brothers and Numbers being the same race. With the recent chapter, I still believe this theory holds well, especially after seeing Big Mom saying that Kaido got Numbers from Punk Hazard, and they’re same race as Oars.


I do agree with people sayin’ it makes no sense as Yeti Cool Brothers don’t actually have horns themselves… but Big Mom mentioned before that she’s missing 3 races on her island: Giants, Ancient Giants and King’s race.

We’ve not seen any giants on Whole Cake Island so following the above, we can assume that Yeti Cool Brothers could belong to one of the 3 races mentioned above by Big Mom.


+ Height-wise King’s race seems to be smaller than Yeti Cool Brothers and has wings which YCB don’t have.

Giants don’t have horns, just like Yeti Cool Brothers.

Height-wise Yeti Cool Brothers could classify as a Giants but they’re significantly taller than any existing giant so far in the story


So far in the story, all Giants had consistent designs to them (basically giant humans), whereas Yeti Cool Brothers look a bit more “monster” like.

+ Ancient Giant Race: All the way from Oars to Numbers, they seem to have all sorts of heights which match Yeti Cool Brothers heights

+ There is a big variety of different shapes and sizes in their appearances. For example Hatcha looks like a giant but has horns where’s Nangi looks like a straight up fat Yeti with horns

Yeti Cool Brothers are missing horns, which is the biggest disadvantage in the theory so far.

*Theory by Kameleon07

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