Zoro is going to fight Hybrid Kaido alone until Luffy recovers!


In Chapter 1003, Zoro’s “Kokujo O Tatsumaki” completely overwhelms Kaido and cuts him up pretty badly.


So Kaido decides to take on Zoro’s twister challenge and unleashed a stronger variation of Tastumaki called Tatsumaki Kaifu, which everyone tries to dodge.

Then, at the end of the chapter, Kaido changes into his hybrid form as he tells Big Mom that this battle has started to get fun.


It is worth noting that Kozuki Oden is the yardstick by which Kaido measures all Samurai. He compared the Scabbards to Oden. When the Scabbards first struck Kaido, the scar he received from Oden began to throb.


Kaido was astounded and questioned why the Scabbards could pierce him, wondering if they also used Oden’s Ryou.

He was insulted that Samurai who couldn’t even hold a candle to Oden were able to harm.

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Kaido further told the Scabbards that in them he saw the visage of Kozuki Oden.

As such, he could have let them kill him (fulfilling Oden’s will).

Then he boldly declared that they are not Oden, that never again shall a “monster samurai” of his likes appear

He lamented that they don’t even had enough power to open up his old scar, concluding that they couldn’t do it.

In Chapter 1002, Kaido felt Oden’s presence in Zoro’s katana.

In Chapter 1003 he noticed a “strange Haki” arising from Zoro’s katana.

Kaido once again got a special feeling and finally noticed that Zoro wields Oden’s sword.

So giving that:

  • Kaido measures all Samurai by the likes of Oden
  • Kaido reacted to Zoro’s successful attack with joy
    • As opposed to the scorn he showed the Scabbards
  • Kaido has noticed that Zoro bears Oden’s katana
  • Kaido wants to die at the hands of the “monster Samurai” bearing Oden’s mantle

And that:

  • Luffy is out of commission for several (< 10) minutes

And that:

  • Zoro is the only active Supernova with the ability to significantly harm Kaido
  • Zoro is determined to protect Luffy

I think that we’ll see a 1 vs 1 between Zoro and Hybrid Kaido in the < 10 minutes until Luffy recovers.

Like when Kuma attacked the Straw Hats while Luffy was out of commission, Zoro will step up to hold Kaido off during the < 10 minutes.

My predictions for when the rooftop fights resume:

  • Kaido focuses his attention on Zoro in particular (60% confident)
    • A plurality of his attacks are directed at Zoro
    • A plurality of his comments are on Zoro’s actions
    • A plurality of his dialogue is directed at Zoro
    • Zoro replicates and focuses his attacks/counterattacks on Kaido while trying to protect Luffy
  • Kaido acknowledges Zoro (50% confident)
    • As a samurai on par with Oden
    • As someone worthy of bearing Oden’s mantle
    • As someone worthy of killing him
    • Asks for Zoro’s name
  • Zoro significantly harms Kaido (30% confident)
    • Zoro gives him a new scar
    • Alternatively, Zoro reopens the old scar

*Theory by Cinera

Luffy will recover much sooner than Trafalgar Law thinks!

Big Mom is the most dangerous person on the Wano battlefield!