Zoro’s Power Up At Wano!


Asura is an incredibly unique and honestly inexplicable ability; however, if anyone can create an explanation it’d be Dracule Mihawk.


Zoro initially created Asura around the same time Luffy created his Gears and Sanji created Diable Jambe; however, currently Luffy’s Gears have been the only thing to show prominent upgrade.

However, I believe that Asura as a sword style will be strengthened and become akin to Luffy’s Gear 4 transformations.

So originally we have: Asura, a demon in the Buddhist religion.


However, the Asura are a general term, and among them there are Asurendra, leaders of Asura, but only four primary leaders: Rahu, Bali, Kharakantha, and Vemacitrin.


I believe that eventually Zoro will create Asura abilities based on these four leaders. The first, the one I wish to see in Wano, is Kharakantha.

Although forms are not depicted as far as I know, the reason I believe Kharakantha would be a fitting upgrade is due to what Kharakantha did in his life to end up in the realm of Ashura.

The most prominent thing Kharakantha did was give food to those who broke the precepts. With Wano being based on food hoarding and Zoro and Luffy’s first adventure in Wano being stealing food and delivering it to the leftovers town it’d be rather fitting.

*Theory by GreenLanturn73

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