Zoro belongs to the Clan of D.


Zoro will be revealed a Will of D. Clan Member at some point in the series. Yasuie was not a Pleasurer and therefore unaffected by SMILEs. Guess how he died? Yasuie was a Shimotsuki. Shimotsuki means Frost Moon or Month of Frost. Zoro was born in the month of November, or the month of the Frost Moon.

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The Kozuki Clan has important ties to the moon as well. Apologies for my ignorance, but the ending Tsuki means moon. The samurai of Wano awaited the Kozuki Clan. They adorned themselves with a Crescent moon on their Ankles.

We know that the Will of D. Members die with a smile. We know the lives of Will of D members are checkered. For example Law, Luffy, and Blackbeard’s former past were tough. Law and Luffy were raised without parents for the majority of their lives and sought Piracy as a way to search freedom.


Momonosuke exhibits traits just as they have. Since he was thrusted into calamity after calamity even partaking as a General in a Massive War for his country. I am under the assumption the Shimotsuki and Kozuki are Will of D. Clans. Oden died with a smile, Yasu died with a smile, and Momonosuke has had a checkered life.The fight with Ryuma, defeat, and receiving Shusui was a passing of the torch of some kind. The time Zoro spent with Shimotsuki Yasuie and the bond they formed was for Zoro to spend some time with his “extended” family. Then Oda had it taken all away with Yasu’s execution giving Zoro personal reasons to fight Kaido or anyone that gets in his path in freeing Wano.

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Oda wouldn’t create these important plot lines on a whim.

And some more reasons I made earlier this year…..

“In certain places, the Clan of D. have been called by another name, God’s Archenemy.”

Sengoku said members of the Will of D. live under a checkered fate.
Will of D ~ Dawn bringers and turn the world upside down.


  • Whiskey Peaks, 100 bounty hunters defeated by one man under the Crescent Moon;
  • Zoro’s kimono in Wano rising sun;
  • Zoro not believing in God;
  • Asura is a manifested Devil/Demon like Power;
  • Zoro wants his name to reach the Heavens;
  • Ryuma’s name is echoed throughout all of Wano and was enough to make Akainu hesitant about entering Wano
    • Other marines and World Government didn’t enter Wano for centuries until now;
    • Ryuma essentially protected Wano from the World Government while he lived, enough to spread fear that would reverberate centuries even after his death.

“Those who bear the “D.” in their name seem to be able to withstand an incredible degree of punishment in battle and only surrender to death when they know it is truly unavoidable.”
Zoro fits this narrative to the T.

Another thing is the smile.

  • Ace died with a smile
  • Roger died with a smile.
  • Yasu died with a smile.
  • Saul died with a smile.
  • Luffy about to die from Buggy smiled
  • Zoro about to die from Arlong smiled

*Theory by Blother

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