Zoro vs Grim Reaper & Hawkins’ “Strenght” Tarot Card


So on a session of retrospective reading I noticed something rather interesting and it may actually have something to do with Zoro’s confrontation with the grim reaper in the Chapter 1038.


As we know, in Chapter 1029, Hawkins’ involvement in the war as well as his hold on Kid was promptly cut short by Killer, with his final moments being his reading on the definition behind the final card he was able to draw : The Tower. Our focus is not on any of the above, but rather, the thing Oda had brilliantly snuck into the chapter, obscured by the main focus of the chapter and the various events occurring within.

Amongst the flying cards scattering about during Killer’s climatic finisher upon Hawkins, there lies one that has some rather meaningful imagery decorating its face. A skeleton and lion/tiger together with light rays peering from above along with an infinity symbol. A quick google search revealed this card to be tarot card number VIII; the strength card. The notable identifiers being the large cat that both cards similarly include as well as the the infinity sign lying overhead which both cards also shares. Hawkins’ version of this card instead of having a lady alongside the lion has a skeleton with a dark cloak obscuring its body.


The imagery of this card when combined with information we know leads to one conclusion. Luffy and Zoro will be the ones to defeat Kaido during the Dawn. Let me explain.

Luffy, as we know has been placed alongside tigers throughout the series with the latest showing of that being made rather recently when Oda made a drawing celebrating the new year and although it is to a lesser extent, he has been shown alongside lions too. This connects Luffy to the imagery within Hawkins’ card add whether or not the feline within the card is a lion or tiger is irrelevant as Luffy has made appearances next to both animals.


Chapter 1038 has revealed to us that Zoro is now conscious after his bout with King only to be confronted by the grim reaper in the flesh… er- bone. With this newfound development in mind, no explanation is needed to explain the connection between Zoro and the cloaked skeleton on the image of the strength card, especially since our favorite green haired swordsman has a history of naming his attacks after purgatory, hell, demons and has even dubbed himself as the King of the Hell.

Zoro and Luffy have made declarations of taking down Kaido on numerous occasions and between the two of them, have abundant reason, motive, and evidence towards them undergoing such a colossal task.

This is all wrapped up nicely upon viewing the meaning behind the strength card: “Strength predicts the triumphant conclusion to a major life problem, situation or temptation through strength of character. It is a very happy card if you are fighting illness or recovering from injury.”. I have confidence that everyone reading is intellectually capable enough to make the rather obvious connection between the meaning of the card and how it correlates perfectly with the premise of Zoro and Luffy taking down Kaido.

One last tidbit I had forgotten to mention earlier was the Light rays shown in the strength card signify how this will happen during the dawn which coincides with Toki’s prophecy and how Kaido is meant to be defeated during the dawn.

With all of the above taken into consideration, it seems highly likely that Zoro and Luffy will be the ones to finally put down Kaido.

*by Vajabaja

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