Zoro’s Final Enemy NOT Being Mihawk?


Hey guys, today I present you a theory about Dracule Mihawk being defeated as the world’s greatest swordsman and thus causing Zoro’s final enemy being the guy who defeated Mihawk.


Defeated by who??? Vista? Shanks? A guy from Wano? I believe it’s possible that Mihawk gets defeated by a member of the Gorosei, the bald, monk-like one. He is the only one in the Gorosei that’s wearing a white robe as all other are wearing black suit, and the only one possessing a weapon. And the oldest one as well, he could be the leader. I tried to find more evidence supporting him being leader like if he gave all the commands to reporting marine soldiers or if there are any rule or leadership in their conversations but there’s no clear evidence. Alright but that’s not the point of this post.

So first let’s talk about his sword. Despite the types of swords, their creators, and series, there are 3 classes of swords: 12 in the first class, 21 in the second class and 50 in the third class. Mihawk’s Yoru is the first class and known to be the best sword in the world. I saw a theory sometime ago that pointed out that that Gorosei possesses a Kitetsu.

There are 3 Kitetsus and all of them are cursed and really good blades; first one, one of the 12 first-class swords being the strongest and third one, one of the 50 third-class swords being the weakest. Zoro currently possesses the third one. And that Gorosei has one of the other 2. So that Gorosei (alright let’s just refer to him as that Gorosei from now on) has a good sword, it’s on par with Mihawk’s Yoru, mostly likely a bit weaker than Yoru, but it also can be stronger. Remember, Yoru is only known to be the strongest. My point being – That Gorosei’s sword can compete with Mihawk’s sword.

But as we all know, the wielder decides the fate of a duel, not his sword. So now we can talk about the wielder. We know nothing about the Gorosei but that’s the whole point. We don’t even know if the admirals know the Gorosei’s powers and back stories, or even their names. Let alone a young Dracule Mihawk who does nothing but stay in his castle and play with his big sword. The Gorosei is unknown. However, I do believe that all of them have fighting powers.

*He has one of the greatest swords, if he doesn’t know how to fight why would he go through all the trouble of getting it.

*They all have battle scars.

*In the One Piece world, power rules. To become fleet admiral you have to be admiral first, and to do that you need to have Haki and etc you get the idea. Another good example is Spandam. He doesn’t have power and he rules a team of people that have great power. Which resulting in them not respecting him and not listening to him.

My point being – That Gorosei has great fighting power, maybe even greater than an admiral, maybe.

Alright so now we’ve established that that Gorosei can fight, is a swordsman, and can match Mihawk’s strength, if all assumptions goes according to my theory of course. Why would such a duel happen? The Gorosei’s mission is to keep peace and we all know Mihawk isn’t interested in casusing ruckus etc. Fujitora’s Shichibukai abolition plan goes through. And thus forcing the marine to eliminate all Shichibukai and down goes Mihawk.

So I think this is pretty interesting and plausible theory, though Mihawk is like so obvious to be Zoro’s last enemy. It’s been revealed since like the beginning. Everyone knows that. So I think the chance of my theory becoming true is like a 20-30%. But hey, there’s this thing called a plot twist, and this thing tends to make stories great.


*Theory by Shanks


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