Zoro’s New Sword in Wano – Its Powers and Ablities


As we are getting more and more information from this Wano arc, I wanna put my 2 cents into a popular theory/speculation that’s been floating around the One Piece Universe…Will Zoro get a new sword in this Wano arc?


I believe that Zoro will get a new sword but it’s not the sword that the community thinks it should be..

Back in One Piece epsiode 598 when Kinemon uses his fox fire techniques to cut the explosion of the Smiley, majority of the OP fans said that Zoro will also get a fire sword or learn the technique to be able to cut fire.

But there is another element that Zoro will be able to CUT and that element is the WIND…

In the Japenese Folklore, Yamata no Orochi, the legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed dragon, was killed by the Storm God Susanoo. In the process of cutting off the tails of Yamata no Orochi, he found a sword inside one of the tails of the dragon. This sword was so strong that it broke Susanoo’s own blade……This blade was called Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi “Heavenly Sword of Gathering Clouds” .


As Oda loves to use old Japanese legends and folklores into his story (Shogun Orochi) is Oda’s version of Yamata no Orochi, I believe that we will see Lord Orochi use this sword in his fight against Zoro as we will finally see the true strength of Orochi Kurozumi and his 2 swords style vs Zoro’s 3 swords style.


This will be the first of 2 major fights for Zoro in Wano but I believe he will fight the Shogun first then King the Wildfire. Zoro will somehow fight Lord Orochi during the alliance attack of Onigashima.

The fight between Zoro and the Shogun Orochi will be an epic and intense fight as Zoro will carry the weight of his ancestors/bloodline to reclaim their past glory in Wano. After the fight Zoro will claim the Kusanigi no Tsurugi from Lord Orochi which will help him later in his fight against Kaido’s Top Disaster King the Wildfire.

What do everyone think about this speculation? Link to video version on youtube here.

*Theory by Man Of Theory

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