Zou was originally part of the Wano Country


By the end of last chapter, there were quite some things that made me wonder… I’ll share one of them. Unfortunatelly, up do date I don’t think the series provide us enough data to make this theory stronger, but I decided to share it with you even so.


When I reached the panel above, something in me really shouted into my mind: doesn’t this “atmosphere”, the vegetation… doesn’t this panel remind you of Zou? The only thing is that Zou has those “Namekian like” trees, but for the rest it really reminded me of Zou’s “vibe”.

This fact put me to think: Zunisha is a living being (~1000 years), naturally it doesn’t always existed. Thus, the land on it’s back was not always there. Also, although One Piece is a phantasy world – and even Zunisha herself is a phantasy creature – it makes no sense for a land to naturally appear on her back. At a certain point, the island itself “was put” on her back. And here is the point… was put from where?

Regarding the last paragraph, doesn’t it make sense that, if it came from somewhere to Zunisha’s back, Zou was originally part of Wano Kuni country? After all, we know that Kouzuki, Zunisha and Minks relation comes from Ancient times!

This is the core idea I’m proposing, although I’m quite aware of how we lack more evidence to support it. But, at the worst scenario, was something for us to have fun by keeping in mind.

There are still some other small details that may indicate that, at least a priori, the idea is not that absurd (even more if we consider we were introduced to REALLY bizarre stuff like time traveling)

1) We know Wano Kuni is divided in multiple lands (like Kuri, for example), and each of them is can thus be divided into smaller districts (as for Kuri: Amigasa Village, Bakura Town, Okobore Town, etc). Between the multiple lands in Wano, maybe there was once – around 1000 years ago – a land called Mokomo Dukedom, where we had Kurau City, Whale Forest, etc.


– I always wondered why is it that Oda introduced all these names in Wano. After all, it kind of never played a role: “Mokomo Dukedom” was never even mentioned by the minks. And who/what the hell is Mokomo? It was never mentioned. And, mainly, why is it a Dukedom instead of a Kingdom? Judging by Wano’s structure of power, if this whole territory was once part of Wano Kuni, then it’s just natural for its ruler not to be a king, but someone subordinated to a Daimyou, such as an offspring of Kozuki Clan.


2) This argument does not apply to the core of the theory, but rather is something I think it’s worth mentioning. Zunisha’s name is written as 象主 in kanji. The romaji ズニーシャ Oda has chosen doesn’t match what would be more “natural” way of pronouncing the word formed by these kanji, what is not really rare in One Piece. But, anyway, I think it’s curious that Zunisha’s name written in kanji would translate into something like Elephant Lord (象 = Elephant; 主 = Head of a Household, Lord, Master). We know Zunisha was sentenced to carry Zou on it’s back for an unforgivable sin it commited, and Momonosuke, a Kouzuki descendantis able to order it. Could it be that Zunisha itself was originally some “Lord” under the command of Kouzuki? In this case, has Zunisha always been an giant mythological elephant or was it somehow transformed into one by some kind of “doom spell”? Anyway, by the way it admits its crime, I suppose it was probably a betrayalof some kind, which it regreted later, accepting the punishing and even caring for the life of the ones that lives on its back to a point of asking for orders to fight for them.

There are still two or three things I could point about all of this, but as the theory itself is already to speculative for lack of evidence, I prefer keeping it all to myself.
Anyway, I’d really love to hear your thoughts about it!

*Theory by Marco One Piece Theorist

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