11th Straw Hat Carrot!

I believe that the next new nakama after Jinbe will be everyone’s favorite bunny mink, Carrot!
Jinbe will almost definitely join at the end of the WCI arc, and then they’ll all go straight to Wano together to meet up with the rest of the crew as fast as possible, and will have to bring Carrot with them. Hopefully on Wano we get to see a bit more of Jack’s attack on Zou from Carrot’s perspective, and/or just more of her in general since we didn’t see her do too much in WCI. But then after the guys who tried to mass murder her people, Jack and Kaido get taken out, Carrot will join the Straw Hats as the 11th nakama.
Now to back up my claim with good ol fashioned evidence!
This would follow the pattern for every other female that has joined the crew so far: arc to introduce the character, arc with them traveling with the crew, arc where Luffy beats a big bad guy for them and they join.
Nami was introduced in the arc with Buggy, traveled with the crew for Syrup Village and part of Baratie, then Luffy beat up Arlong at Arlong Park and she rejoined the crew.
Robin was introduced in Alabasta, traveled with the crew to Skypeia, then officially joined after Luffy beat Lucci and saved her from the World Government.
Heck even Vivi follows this pattern as she was introduced at Reverse Mountain, traveled with the crew to Drum Kingdom, then Luffy beat up Crocodile in Alabasta, although in the end she couldn’t stay with the crew.
So if Carrot does indeed go to Wano with the Straw Hats, she’ll have been introduced in Zou, traveled with the crew to Whole Cake Island, then have Luffy beat up Kaido and avenge her people. Thus Carrot would follow Oda’s pattern for female members.But wait, there’s more!
This also lines up with the 2nd member of the crew in each major area being female. Nami was the 2nd member in East Blue, Robin was the 2nd member in Grand Line (or Paradise, whatever you wanna call it), and then Carrot would be 2nd member in New World.

One last thing, Carrot joining would add a mink to the crew, increasing diversity. While you might argue that the minks are already in an alliance with the Straw Hats, so is Law and he’s not in their crew. There are not currently any minks in the actual crew, including the fleet, and Luffy should have each of the races of One Piece represented in his crew if he ever hopes to make everyone equal and free. Jinbe joining would add a fishman, and they already have people from the Giant, Dwarve, Longleg, and Longarm tribes in the Grand Fleet.

So, do you guys agree or disagree that Carrot will be the 11th nakama?

*Theory by Mugiwara Nakama

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