Big Mom’s losing weight

Let’s start from what we saw on the last issue from One Piece, Manga #888.First, we saw some cannon balls acting funny, it may be because Nami is still in possession of a piece from Big Mom’s vivre card, but regardless…. even some of Big Mom Pirates stated that something funny was going on with Big Mom’s animated objects….

And the second thing that we noticed was that Big Mom’s body seems to be getting slimmer… So now… my thoughts:I think that this is a foreshadowing of what might be of this arc’s end. We will have two mayor events that will weaken Big Mom to the point where she won’t be in conditions to chase after the Straw Hats.Her fight with Soul King, the event of having Mother Caramel’s picture broken, and now her running after the Straw Hats… it’s brought a toll on her stamina, I think that this, together with the joy of savouring Pudding/Chiffon/Sanji’s cake, will make her lose her senses, or at least it will weaken her enough, for the Straw Hats and co. to run away….

What do you guys think?

*Theory by Redgar

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