4 Devil Fruit Powers that Ryokugyu Might Possess


My theory today is about Admiral Ryokyugū (Green Bull)and his devil fruit.


Many people had already talked about it, it has something to do with plants or time or he is a bull etc… But nobody seems to have a clear idea what his fruit specifically could be.
I made some research and found some possible devil fruits.

First, Who is Ryokugyū?
He’s a laid back man who wasn’t scared by the orders of his supervisor Fleet Admiral Sakazuki.
He”s is selfconfident and a man of culture.
His apearance is similar to his personality freely, casual, stubborn.
His ephit and his personality could play a role for the choose of his devil fruit as well as with the other Admirals.
-Bull, Cow


Now let’s start with list.


#1 – Bull

The first devil fruit on the list is the Ushi Ushi no Mi,Model: Khalkotauroi.

The Khalkotauroi are mythical creatures from the greek mythology.
The Colchis Bulls, or Khalkotauroi, were two huge bulls forged by Hephaestus and granted to King Aetes of Colchis. Both bulls had bronze hooves and a bronze mouth, wich could breath fire out. They were extremely strong, and were only tamed by the hero Jason in his quest for th Golden Fleece.
The bulls have a resistance against any bludgeoning, piercing or slashing damage. They also are immune to any fire attack or damage.

#2 – Sentai Sentai no Mi

The second devil fruit on the list is theSentai Sentai no Mi (Acid Acid fruit)

The Sentai Sentai no Mi allows the user to create, control and become a Dark Green Corrosive Sustance that can melt nearly anything, Busoshoku Haki can’t be melt by this fruit, but will still damage the enemy, even if the enemy is using Haki.

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