6 Reasons why Imu isn’t the Final Villain


1- Imu has one of the Road Poneglyphs

Shiryu: ”I bet it’s with the Government. It wouldn’t be surprising if they kept a stone or two for themselves… It’d be a surefire way of preventing any pirate from ever claiming the One Piece.”
Definitely makes sense as Shiryu knows how the Government works, he gives a good explanation on what happened to the Road Ponegliff at Fishman Island.
It would be a retarded thing for Government to not take any precaution after Roger find the final island. Government stealing 1 one of the Road Poneglyphs means they need to defeat Imu and Government to reach the final island.

2- Oda revealed Imu too soon (unlike Kaguya from Naruto) to be a disguised Final Villain.

If Imu was supposed to be an opponent after finding the One Piece, then revealing Imu as disguised Final Villain this early makes no sense. Now it’s lost the surprise factor and the audience has no connection to Imu as a villain since Imu wasn’t build up through the story.
Either build up a villain for sometime, or disguise him and make him show up when no one knew it existed (such as Kaguya from Naruto).

3- Imu and Saturn both hyped Teach.

Saturn: ”I must admit, I didn’t expect to see the savages from Level 6 submitting to another’s leash.”
It would make no sense Imu and Saturn hyping Teach but not take any role in the final battle vs them where Imu falls.
Also even Oda said ”if he was strong” he would want to be a member of Blackbeard Pirates.

4- Luffy will be hunted by literally everyone if he becomes the Pirate King first, which will make Luffy’s job impossible vs Imu.

So the logical conclusion is that, Luffy and others should defeat the Government and Imu before someone becomes the Pirate King.
Otherwise all the pirates who joined the One Piece race will attack the Pirate King, this will only make things easier for Imu and Government to win.

5- Oda said the series will be over when they find the One Piece.

Oda: “I’ve always pictured what the final chapter of ‘ONE PIECE’ would be like, though from time to time, the situation surrounding it changes. It will still be over whenever the One Piece is found in the series, haha. Anyway, this next arc is the final one.”

Aoyama: “Seriously? Is it really going to end?”

Oda: “Yup, to me this is really the final arc.”

6- Oda said One Piece is a story to fight against the 4 Emperors, adding the 7 Warlords only extended the story, it didn’t change the main story which is still fighting against 4 Emperors.

*by Erkan12

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