8 Things You Should Know About Basil Hawkins

  • Hawkins’ name is derived from a real life pirate and a navigator. His given name came from Basil Ringrose, while his surname came from John Hawkins.


  • In Japan, Hawkins’ birthday, September 9th, is known as ‘Fortune-telling Day’ (占いの日 Uranai no Hi?), a reference to his fortune-telling abilities.
    • He shares his birthday with Shyarly, a fellow fortuneteller.
  • Hawkins’ favorite food is fortune cookies, and his least favorite food is meat.
  • Hawkins’ hobbies are interior designing and taking bath
  • As a child, he had much shorter hair and wore a similar coat to the one he wears now but in pink. He wore light and dark green striped pants. He is also shown with his trademark stoic expression, possibly partaking in a tarot card reading.
  • In the manga, it is unknown what type of cards Hawkins uses for his cartomancy as only the back has been seen so far.
    In the anime, they appear to be tarot cards since the “Death (XIII)” card was seen.
  • Oda revealed that Hawkins was originally going to join the Shichibukai.
  • In the 5th fan poll, Hawkins ranked 54th.


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