Battle of the world’s greatest musician versus a living instrument.

Now for those of you caught up you know that Apoo is currently apart of Kaido’s crew. After planning to take down Shanks and being interrupted by Kaido apparently the Kid Alliance got their asses handed to them. Kid is sitting in a dungeon captured by Kaido.


I assume Kid fought and had Killer escape with his crew. Hawkins could be with Killer or Kaido depending on what his cards told him to do. Apoo most likely folded up and said “Kaido Senpai! I’m yours spare me!” so Kaido did.

Now I’ve seen a lot of random match ups for Wano some good some well we won’t talk about those. I feel like this match up makes the most sense and after all Brook has shown in Whole Cake Island fighting a Supernova would be the perfect test of his strength. With Apoo being a Beast Pirate the match up seems the most obvious for Wano. The world’s greatest musician vs a human instrument can’t find a better match up than that. On top of all that Brook spent the timeskip with members of the long arm tribe #Foreshadow?


Powers & Abilities

Scratchmen Apoo The Sea Roar


Honestly both of these guys are pretty powerful but let’s start with Scratchmen Apoo the most slept on Supernova! Apoo’s devil fruit has yet to be named but it’s hands down the MOST POWER DEVIL FRUIT OF ANY SUPERNOVA. Now I’m sure you’re all calling me stupid I assume most people think Law has the most powerful devil fruit. Apoo and Law have very similar powers in the sense that they can both cause damage from a distance cutting their opponents but the major difference between them is that Law’s ability is not as dangerous and extremely limited. Apoo can cut you from a distance just like Law but Law’s cuts are injuries & Apoo isn’t held back by a room. Apoo’s powers seemingly work through sound waves. He can also cause explosions with his power and I’m sure do much more depending on the instrument he uses.

He’s the only Supernova to land a hit on Kizaru saving Hawkins in the process. He also took a hit from Kizaru and managed to escape Sabody so he’s pretty durable.

As for haki we’ve yet to see if Apoo has it yet since we haven’t seen him fight post timeskip.

All Bones Brook aka Soul King

Now Brook is a musician an expert swordsman and the eater of the Revive Revive fruit. Brook has a lot of powers he is a great swordsman with an insanely fast battōujustu(the act of attacking by quickly unsheathing ones sword). Often he defeats enemies so quickly they don’t realize they’ve lost till he’s put his sword away.

On top of his battōujutsu and sword style Brook also has an elemental ability that being his Ice powers he uses in conjunction with his swordsmanship. It’s still not fully explained how he obtained this power but I assume it’s a form of elemental haki.

Finally we have his Devilfruit abilities he uses in conjunction with his musical ability. Brook uses music to control a persons mind and soul. He is indeed the Soul King and his power is mighty. All in all After typing this Brook is even more badass than I thought lol.

As for Brook he hasn’t shown any haki yet but I believe he’ll unlock Armament because he’s a swordsman and be known as Black Bones Brook


In conclusion I believe Brook and Apoo will fight in Wano. It’ll be a battle of the one man bands. Now the only object I imagine for this fight is that people will say “Brook can’t be on the level of a Supernova”. But really I think Brook will have the same type of trump card with Apoo like he had with Big Mom where instead of it being his devilfruit this time it’s his musical prowess. Brook being an expert musician and Apoo’s powers being sound and music based, I believe he has the best chance of predicting as well as countering Apoo’s moves. The fight of course won’t be easy but most fights for the Strawhats aren’t(unless you’re Zoro) so of course he’ll struggle for a win.

In the end I think Brook will win but they will end the fight as friends like Sanji and Bon Clay. Apoo is a Supernova that didn’t plan to be under a Yonko so I doubt he’ll be defeated and run back to Kaido. Also with Luffy’s well documented love of musicians I can’t see Luffy not wanting to be friends with Apoo. Also we know Brook has a history with the long arm tribe from the timeskip so maybe Brook knows Apoo’s family? But yea that’s it for my theory/prediction hope you all enjoyed.

*Theory by RomanceDawn

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