A Major Misconception about D. Clan!


With this recent chapter, so many people keep saying Oden was a D.


D. clan are supposed to smile on their death. Only D. clan can laugh to death.

Oden died smiling, so he has to be a D.? Oden knew all the history and said he found out the meaning behind the D. Family name, but he never said “Oh so I found out, Kozuki is a branch of D. Clan”


Anyway I have compiled some manga panels to elaborate this.

Examples of non D. clansmen dying smiling:

Bellemere dying smiling


Hiluluk dying smiling

Pedro suicide after smiling calling Straw Hats the dawn

Pound dying with a smile

Corazon dying with a smile

Otohime dying with a smile

Vergo dying with smile

Monet dying with a smile

Example of D. clansmen dying without a smile :

  1. First example is Blackbeard himself, he has always been scared shitless of dying, especially in his fight against Whitebeard
  2. Law’s parents dead like any normal person, even though they are D.

Smoker mentioned the smiling part to compare Luffy to Roger only in sense that he had no regrets about dying because of his ambitions

Most of the major deaths of good guys in manga had them dying with smile, regardless of them being a D. or not. They all die smiling.

It is to show they had no qualms about the events causing their death and not limited to D Clan.

*Theory by waqasnaseem07

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