Last Chapter confirms one thing about the Straw Hats


So when Oden was talking to Toki at the end of the chapter, he says…


“Over 20 years ahead of us there will likely be a massive war, terrible enough to split the seas themselves. In other words, in another 20 years, the primary figures of this great war will muscle their way into the New World!!! They are the ones who can strike down Kaido!!”

As we know, directly after this there’s an attack on Oden’s castle, where Toki famously sent some of the Scabbards and Momonosuke 20 years into the future. This timeframe of 20 years was likely based on Oden’s words here. Toki understood exactly what she needed to do. She need to have those “primary figures” brought to Wano. So, what exactly did this chapter “confirm” for me?


I want to quote Toki’s prophecy revealed a while back:

“Like the Moon, you are ignorant of the Dawn. If there is one ardent wish that must be fufilled, it will be when nine shadows are cast woven together through twenty years of moonlits nights. Only then shall you understand the radiance of Dawn.”

This was the “prophecy” Lady Toki stated, which was interpreted by the denizens of Wano as the way the Scabbards are going to defeat Orochi. However, isn’t the wording here a bit strange to be completely Wano focused?


Afterall, we know that there is something known as the “Dawn of the World” that the Minks consistently repeat as their creed. Pedro even straight up states that he believes the Straw Hats are the ones who are going to bring about the Dawn.

Basically, what I’m getting at is…

This prophecy doesn’t really have much to do with Orochi, it’s the prophecy left behind by Joy Boy. The “Nine Shadows” are the Straw Hats, not the Scabbards.

*Theory by bmtrocks

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