Advanced Armament Haki is the Key to defeat Kaido – Confirmed!


In the Prisoner Mines, Kawamatsu remarks from his cell that he wants to sumo wrestle as Alpacaman and Madilloman enter the Sumo Inferno ring.


Madilloman proclaims that he will quickly put an end to Luffy and Hyogoro with his Seastone bullets, not caring about the audience’s pleas against such a quick ending.

However, Luffy tells Hyogoro to run to the right, bend his knees, and jump. Hyogoro does this, and in the process dodges Madilloman’s bullets, dodges Alpacaman’s spit, and headbutts Alpacaman on the chin.


Hyogoro is stunned to see that Luffy can predict the future. Luffy can now see the future as fluid as Katakuri, and maybe he’s been able to develop a more extensive future sight!


Luffy then moves to attack Madilloman, and Madilloman uses his armadillo SMILE to shield his head, but to his surprise Luffy does not hit him as he continues unsuccessfully attempting to project Busoshoku Haki from his palm. This advanced form of Armament Haki is confirmed to have been the same also Sentomaru used.

Luffy says that he wishes to use this Advanced form of Armament Haki to break through Kaido’s scales. This means that the key to defeat Kaido is having unbelievably Advanced Armament Haki!

Luffy then saves Hyo from Alpacaman, and Hyo wonders what Luffy is trying to do. Luffy explains the move he is trying to acquire. Hyogoro realizes that Busoshoku Haki is the outsiders’ term for an ability used by samurai to strengthen their swords, revealing that he learned this technique long ago. He then races toward Alpacaman and hits him with a powerful shockwave, defeating him.

Luffy affirms that this is the exact technique he wants to learn, and asks Hyogoro to teach it to him.

Hyo mentions a very specific line when referring to Haki: “When one wants to cut something, their sword will cut even the thickest of steel. But whe n they do not want to cut something, their sword will not cut even the thinnest of paper! The sword becomes one with the swordmaster!”. This is pretty much what Koushirou told Zoro in chapter 194!

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Zoro used Avanced Armament Haki since the Pre-Timesekip!