Nami will inherit Big Mom’s Soru Soru no Mi


In this theory I will discuss the possibility that Nami will inherit the Soru Soru no Mi and how much of a power boost that will give her.

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Also the assumption I am making in this theory is that Big Mom will die before the end of One Piece.

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So now to begin this theory:

1-Why Nami needs a Devil Fruit?


Let’s face the facts, as she is now, she is the weakest member of the Straw Hats. She can defeat fodders using her lightning and wind attacks. But these attacks can at most defeat only people of the level of rear admirals or really weak vice admirals.

Yes in 1v1 battles, she beat Khalifa and Miss Double finger, but that was mostly because those two characters got cocky and underestimated her. It was not because Nami truly overpowered them.

Post Timeskip she has not had a proper 1v1 fight. The closest to a 1v1 she had post timeskip was against Brulee and she struggled to beat her. And we are talking about Brulee who for most part is slightly stronger than a fodder character.

So if she has to beat someone like Catarina Devon or Laffitte( I feel Nami will battle one of these two when the Straw Hats take on Blackbeard Pirates because 1 is a woman and the other is the navigator), she has no chance what so ever.

So how can she become stronger? Well, there are a few ways for that:

For instance she is undergoing a Kunoichi training as we speak. This could give her a few new attacks and stealth techniques. But this again will only give her more party tricks. It won’t give her any strong defensive and endurance boosts, which I feel she direly needs especially against prolonged battles against those with good defensive skills.

Another way is Haki, but to learn Haki one needs time and training. Or one must be born with special Haki skills like Ussop. Since Oda has already done that to Ussop I don’t think he will do it Nami. So, unless there is timeskip for Nami to properly learn Haki I don’t think Oda will go this way for her.

Finally, the last way is the way of the Devil Fruit. Now with devil fruit she can eat a number of devil fruits like the Yuki Yuki no Mi of Monet or a fruit relating to weather, like a weather based Paramecia or a wind based Logia. Even though these are possible, I feel Oda will not take that route. This is because I feel Monet still has something left to do in the story and for the other devil fruits, the characters with these devil fruits have not been introduced yet. So there really would no time to develop the new character and make Nami to get that characters power.

Of course if she finds a random devil fruit she would rather sell it and make a ton of money than eat it and lose her ability to swim.

So I feel the only way Nami will get Devil Fruit powers is if it is forced onto her or she chooses to inherit that person’s power.

But when it comes to the Soru Soru no Mi I feel Nami will either choose to inherit the fruit and or the power will be given to Nami accidentally from a certain someone when Big Mom dies. I will talk about this in the fourth part of the theory.

Because of this I feel Nami will inherit a devil fruit and in turn use it to power up. Also since devil fruit usage does not need the same amount of training as Haki, she will get stronger pretty quickly.

Now these might not be the only ways she might power up and there could multiple ways for her to power up but since Oda has not introduced them yet, I am not considering them in this theory.

2-Will this make Nami Over Powered?

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Before I explain how and why she will inherit the Soru Soru no Mi. I am going to explain why Nami inheriting the Soru Soru no Mi will NOT make her over powered. I am explaining this first because I know this will trigger a lot of people especially those who see Nami as nothing more than a fan service character.

Now why is Big Mom overpowered? Does it have to do with her devil fruit? Well the answer is NO.

Big Mom at the age of 5 annihilated a village of Giants. This village had powerful warriors. In a single rampage she destroyed the inhabitants without even trying. During all this, the Giants who are considered to be the most powerful army could not even scratch her. And she did all this without her devil fruit. She induced fear with her overwhelming strength and durability. So far the only time we see her take any real damage was when Mother Caramel’s portrait was endangered and she became mentally upset. But when she was thinking straight, she took Luffy’s Kong Gun like it was nothing. That’s how powerful she is. She is over powered even without her devil fruit. The Soru Soru no Mi only adds to her strength. It does not make her over powered but it gives the over powered lady a huge array of abilities to use. Thus taking her from over powered to nearly invincible.

If the fruit is with someone else, they will be strong no doubt but it won’t make them over powered. Now to explain this, I want to remind you guys as to how the Soru Soru no Mi works. That fruit like Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi is a special fruit which depends on the ability of a user to infuse a particular mental state on their opponent. By this I mean, if Hancock can’t make her opponent lust on her, she can’t turn them into stone, like she could not turn Luffy to stone. Same way, if Big Mom can’t induce fear into her opponent she can’t suck that person’s soul. Which is the reason Big Mom couldn’t suck Jinbei’s soul when he declared to her that he was quitting her crew.

So if the user of the Soru Soru no Mi devil fruit can’t induce fear onto their opponents, they won’t be able to use their fruit’s complete potential. This is what happened to Mother Caramel, she was strong yes which is why she was able to stop the fire in village from spreading by creating Pandora. But she was not over powered because she could not induce fear on anyone.

Now let us see this with Nami, can she induce fear to her opponents? Yes she can be scary at times, but in the end if she fights someone, no way would that person be scared of her.

This is the reason if Nami inherits the Soru Soru no Mi, she will be really strong but she won’t be over powered.

3-Any apparent foreshadowing by Oda?

Now there is no clear indication that Nami will inherit the fruit, but I feel Oda has given some vague clues about Nami using the Soru Soru no Mi to her advantage. These are:

· Nami controlling Big Mom’s Homies. Now as far as we are seen, the only person to control the Homies apart from Big Mom was Nami. She even made these Homies attack Big Mom’s own children like Cracker and Brulee. Yes, she used Big Mom’s Vivre Card to do it. But is this some kind of foreshadowing telling us that Nami will have Homies of her own in the future.

· Big Mom using weather based powers. Now we all know that Nami has weather based powers. As these abilities get stronger, she gets stronger. Now in one piece so far, among all the characters introduced, the person with strongest ability to manipulate weather is Big Mom. So combining both the statements I can say that Nami can become her strongest only if she can use the weather manipulation abilities of Big Mom.

· Fact that Nami has Zeus itself. Zeus I’m pretty sure will be Nami’s go to weapon towards the end of Wano. If Big Mom takes back Zeus, whatever power Nami gains in this arc will have been for nothing. Which is why I feel Nami will have Zeus from now on. If that has to happen, Big Mom will have to allow Nami to keep Zeus. This I don’t think will ever happen because Big Mom is the most possessive character I have seen in One Piece. So the only way I see this happening is if Big Mom dies, otherwise Big Mom one way or the other will find Nami and take Zeus back.

· Nami being Lola’s sworn sister. Now Nami being Lola’s sworn sister technically makes her Big Mom’s step daughter in a weird way. This is no different from saying Ace and Sabo are Garp’s grandsons because they are the sworn brothers of Luffy. This relationship between Nami, Big Mom and Lola was brought in Whole Cake Island but it really did not go anywhere. So I feel there should some kind of resolution for that. This resolution could end up making Nami and Big Mom becoming close.

Why the Soru Soru no Mi fruit and how will Nami get to inherit it?

Nami can inherit the Soru Soru no Mi without her having to be next Big Mom when she is killed either by Kaido or more likely Blackbeard.

Whether the unlikely scenario happens or not, I am making an assumption, which if true then Nami will definitely inherit Big Mom’s fruit. The assumption is that when Big Mom dies, Nami will have Zeus with her.

Why I feel Zeus is important is because Zeus contains a part of Big Mom’s soul. So a part of the devil fruit should be with in Zeus. This is because when Brook died, he was restored back to life as a soul. If the fruit resided inside his body, I think he would have been revived in his body. But since was Brook was revived as a soul and he had to find his body, it is safe to assume that the devil fruit resides inside the soul.

If that is the case, Big Mom’s devil fruit should be present in all her as well as all her divided souls, Zeus, Prometheus, Napoleon as well as those soul tax collectors introduced in Whole Cale Island.

So what does this accomplish, well I feel that when Nami will inherit the Soru Soru no Mi the same way Big Mom inherited it. Which is by having a part of the devil fruit inside one’s body when the devil fruit user dies. By this I mean when Mother Caramel died, she was inside Big Mom, this is the reason I feel Big Mom got the Soru Soru no Mi. Same thing I feel will happen when Big Mom dies, that is a part of her devil fruit will be inside Nami.

I feel in the next few chapters till Big Mom dies, Nami and Zeus will become really close. So when Big Mom is about to die, Zeus will sense that he is losing power and will die soon. He will try to get as close as possible to Nami before he vanishes and will end up going inside Nami’s body. So when Big Mom eventually dies a part of the Soru Soru no Mi is inside Nami. And thus Soru Soru no Mi will become Nami’s.

Yes, this seems a little thin and farfetched but none the less I feel this is very much possible and a good chance it could happen.

Also on a side note since Big Mom has lost her memories now, this is a good chance for Big Mom, Nami and Lola’s to reconcile and come to a resolution.

Now coming to the last question, How strong will she be after she gets the devil fruit?

To answer that let’s see what all she would be able to do with her newfound abilities? She will be able to give souls to in animate objects. So I think she will be able to create Prometheus and Zeus again so that she will be able to manipulate weather Big Mom does. Also if she puts a part of her soul in her climatact she will have something similar to Napoleon.

The biggest plus of this ability will be in Naval Battles because she can literally turn the tides to favor the Straw Hats. Remember when Roger faced Shiki, the bizarre weather conditions turned the favor of the battle between them from Shiki to Roger as the weather sank quite a bit of Shiki’s ships.

In 1v1 battles she can use and create homies to fight for her. If she beats people by scaring them, she can steal souls, there by making her more powerful and have more homies for her future battles.

*Theory by Ashura the demon

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