Alabasta will be attacked by the World Government


Alabasta will be attacked by the World Government

I love guessing how these totally random cover stories Oda writes could come back into play in the story. And there are a few out there that have just never been brought up again even after years. Or in the case of the Gedatsu cover story, we’re bordering on decades without a resolution with the final chapter coming out in December of 2004.


For people who do not know about/don’t remember this cover story; Gedatsu falls from the sky after Chopper defeats him in Skypiea. He coincidentally lands near Alabasta, before eventually helping Koza’s uncle create a hot spring somewhere near Alabasta.

This Gedatsu cover story is one of the few in One Piece that still to this day has zero follow up. One of the things that I say pretty often about cover stories; there’s no reason to believe that Oda wrote them for no reason. This Gedatsu cover story is 32 chapters long, I highly doubt he would spend that much time telling this story just for no reason.

So how does this play into the current story?

We know for a fact that Imu is after Vivi. It was alluded to previously, but Imu flat out said it in Chapter 1086.

And the Gorosei said it’ll be done.

Obviously we all know Vivi will be fine, and she’ll probably link back up with the Straw Hats. But what is preventing Imu or the Gorosei from going after Alabasta right now? Not only is King Cobra dead, but he’s dead on Imu’s orders. If Imu wants to get to Vivi, why not just go after her country?

Without knowing the exact day, we do know that God Valley was attacked 38+ years ago (how close to 39, don’t know yet).


They seemingly do this every 3 years. If you do the math, their next hunt should be within the next couple of months to a year. And we know that the Gorosei seemingly take the lead on these hunts, probably by Imu’s request.


Now that they’ve killed King Cobra, could Alabasta be next on the list? What are the motives behind these hunts for the higher ups? Is Alabasta even still going to be an affiliate of the World Government after what Cobra just pulled? What is stopping them from getting Lulusia’d? And could/would Vivi join the Straw Hats if her country is at such a large risk?

Well, what if Oda planned for Alabasta to get attacked by the World Government 20 years ago? The Gorosei were introduced into the series after Luffy’s takedown of Crocodile in Chapter 233, which came out June 10, 2002. 21 years and 2 days later, the Gorosei were officially introduced to us by name in Chapter 1086 (June 12, 2023). And this is the chapter where Imu says that they desire Vivi. Knowing that the introduction of the Shichibukai are what extended Oda’s original script for the story, could he have always planned for the Gorosei to step in over this mess in Alabasta? Could he have been planning an attack all this time?

And if he has, was the escape plan sitting in front of us this whole time?

Why build a bunch of tunnels leading from Alabasta to this random location?

I think that Alabasta is going to be attacked and destroyed by the World Government. Maybe in one of these native hunts. But the people will survive by escaping through these underground tunnels. And depending on what happened to Karoo, who we haven’t seen since the Reverie, maybe he even leads the effort of evacuating people. Because what did King Cobra tell us all those years ago?

The people are the country.

Alabasta the land can fall. But as long as the people are safe, the country Vivi loved too much to join the Straw Hats also survives.

*by HokageEzio

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