Chapter 1095 reinforces the idea of an upcoming God Valley Incident Redux


Chapter 1095 reinforces the idea of an upcoming God Valley Incident Redux

It’s been a little unclear how things were going to start tying together here in the last leg of Luffy’s journey. Much has been assumed about some sort of “Final War” but we haven’t known exactly how such a conflict could come to pass.


As of Chapter 1095, I think we have our answer: God Valley Redux

It’s been at least 38 years since God Valley, and the Celestial Dragons hold Native Hunting Competition every three years. That means a new one is planned for sometime within the next year.

What’s more is that just about every remaining major faction of characters has a feasible reason to get involved.

-The Celestial Dragons. It’s their event, the one time we know they descend en masse to the surface. The Gorosei and Figarland Garling are likely to be in attendance as well.


-The Marines. After God Valley, there’s no way the Celestial Dragons are coming down without protection, or at least a quick line to protection should it become necessary. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Admirals and other higher ups were in attendance.


-The Revolutionary Army. It’s been clear they’ve been gearing up for something major for quite a while. The Celestial Dragons are about to come down from Mary Geoise and expose themselves, an opportunity that only presents itself every three years. They’ve never been stronger, so it would make sense that now would be their chance to overthrow the World Government. And they probably have some inkling it’s happening, between Dragon, Kuma, and Ivankov, but also possibly from Sabo’s assault on Mary Geoise.

-Blackbeard. Whatever Rocks was after, Blackbeard will want it. Maybe that’s just the prizes, but maybe it’s something else. My theory is that he’s after another very specific Devil Fruit. Maybe even one possessed by Imu or one of the Gorosei. And he could feasibly find out about it now, with Aokiji on his side and Garp in his clutches.

Shanks. He has a bunch of reasons he could possibly show up. Maybe to confront his dad, maybe to obtain something, maybe in pursuit of Blackbeard, maybe in pursuit of Luffy, etc.

-The Straw Hats. There are many ways the Straw Hats could end up there. Maybe they just stumble upon it. Maybe somebody else, like Shanks, Vegapunk, Dragon, or Kuma clues them in. Who knows, maybe something they need will be a prize, like the last Road Poneglyph. Or maybe Luffy just wants to free some slaves and punch some Celestial Dragons.

And tons of other characters could show up in pursuit of one or more of the following groups. Law might chase Blackbeard there to save his crew, or find out secrets. Vivi might show up because Morgans goes for the story. The Big Mom Pirates might arrive trying to get Pudding back from Blackbeard. SWORD might be trying to get Garp back. Etc.

Really the only group that doesn’t already have a pretty clear reason to be involved is Cross Guild, but there are a bunch of ways that could change. They could want the prizes, or they could be pursuing another character or group, or maybe Buggy knows something about God Valley too.

The stage is set for most, if not all, the remaining pieces to come into play all at once.

*by thewhachawatcher

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