All One Piece Villains Ranked from Least Evil to Most Evil




Total coward, extremely selfish and oppressive. Cares for no one but himself. He seemed somewhat disturbed by Shirahoshi’s attempted enslavement, his only semblance of morality.


He was fully capable of mass murder and showed no care or loyalty to his subordinates (except for maybe Daz Bonez). The thing is, he probably has lived a life of crime from a very young age. It’s somewhat understandable that he is completely numb to taking lives. He has shown to be a somewhat changed man capable of alliances with enemies.



Arguably the most vain villain in the series, he cares for no life but his own and his behavior reflects this.. I guess he might have somewhat changed his ways, he doesn’t seem all that oppressive towards the moon people.



There isn’t much that he isn’t capable of. Nothing redeeming about him except for the fact that he hasn’t really shown any signs of being sadistic, not yet at least.


He is irritatingly arrogant, massively overestimating his strength. He has no sense of gratitude or loyalty, cares nothing for his crew, and shows no redeemable qualities whatsoever. The only reason he isn’t higher on the list is because his actions don’t amount to much other than typical piracy.

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