All the Damage Kaido has taken since the start of the Onigashima Raid!


All of the damage Kaido has taken since the start of the Onigashima Raid:

Chapter 987 – All of the Scabbards stabbed Kaido while they jumped him.


Chapter 991 – Kin’emon “Flame Rended” Kaido’s Boro breath and cut his mouth.

Chapter 992 – Nekomamushi cut him with a “Crimson Cat Dance”, Kawamatsu landed a “River of the Sea” in Kaido’s face, Inuarashi stabbed him with “Canine Scourge”, Kiku landed her “Fallen Snow Scythes” air cuts while Izo was unloading slicing bullets into Kaido; Raizo reflected point blank a Boro Breath at Kaido with his scroll sealing ability followed up by Kin’emon, Denjirou, Ashura Douji and Inuarashi landing 4 consecutive “Oden 2 sword style : Paradise Waterfall’s” right on Kaido’s scar!


After that Kaido reverts to his regular form and the fight is mostly off screen for 8 chapters , though we briefly see Denjirou stab Kaido in the side


Chapter 1000 – Kaido gets Red Rocked by Luffy and slammed into the ground.

Chapter 1001 – Kaido took Zoro’s and Killer’s “Beheading Claws” and “Rengoku Onigiri” and these might have done nothing but I’m still going to mention them, Luffy’s “Kong Gun”, Kid “Punk Vice’s him and Law chucks a landslide at him (mostly as a distraction for his attack next chapter).

Chapter 1002 – Killer’s ” Sonic Scyther”, Luffy’s “Kong Rifle”, “Rhyno Schneider” and “Kong Gatling” (which continues into the next chapter), Kid’s “Punk Slam” (yes slamming somebody to the ground does damage, we saw that in Jinbe vs Who’s Who) and Law’s “Gamma Knife”.

Chapter 1003 – “Knog Gatling” part 2 , Zoro’s “Black Rope: Dragon Twister”.

6 chapters of off screen fighting

Chapter 1010 – Law launches an “Injection Shot” right at Kaido’s neck, Zoro’s uses “Ashura : Farce of the dead” on him which Kaido said will leave a permanent scar and then Luffy comes in with a Conquerors Haki coated gut punch and rising uppercut.

2 chapters of off screen fighting before he defeats Luffy

Chapter 1015 – Kin’emon stabs Kaido in the leg with his broken sword.

Yamato started fighting Kaido in Chapter 1015 for 3 off screen chapters; we see glimpses of them clashing with each other in Chapters 1019 and 1020 and then another 3 chapters of them fighting off screen.

Chapter 1024 – Yamato and Kaido trade “Thunder Baguas”.

Chapter 1025 – Yamato hits Kaido with a “Hallowed Glaciar Slash”, an unamed attack and “Divine Swiftness: White Serpent” comboed with a “Jet Culverin” from Luffy.

Chapter 1026 – Luffy “Elephant Guns” him into the ground, Momonosuke bites him and then Luffy punches Kaido in the face with advanced Conqueror’s Haki.

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