All the Damage taken by Big Mom (and her Homies) throughout the Onigashima Raid!


I wanted to compile a list of all the attacks inflicted on Big Mom and her Homies (excluding Zeus) during Wano to show how much damage she’s taken so far and display how different these Yonko are.

1. Queen’s Brachio Bomber drop attack


2. Brook and Franky’s Kurosai FR-U IV slam

3. Jimbei’s Uzushio Ipponzeoi


*A. Marco’s flames overpowering Prometheus


*B. Zoro’s Homura Saki slices Prometheus in half

4. Law’s Counter Shock

*C. Zeus gets trapped in Kid’s containment box, looks like a Faraday cage

*D. & E. Killer slices Napoleon and Zoro slices Prometheus (again)

5. Kid hits her with Punk Pistols attack

6. Kid & Law combination Repel + Tact to slam boulder into Big Mom

7. Kid Punk Gibson ground slam

8. Law’s [second] Counter Shock

9. & 10. Law pierces Big Mom with Anasthesia and hits Big Mom internally with Shock Wille

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