All the Unresolved Plot Points from the Beginning of the Series to the End of Wano Arc


Romance Dawn


· What is the One Piece

· Why did Shanks steal the Nika Fruit, what were his intentions? (brought up in Wano)

· What did the World Government intend to do with the Nika Fruit? (resolved in Wano; the World Govenment, or at the very least CP9, were not aware of the fruit’s real power)

· Shanks’ bet on Luffy (brought up in Sabaody)

· Luffy and Shanks reuniting + returning the Straw Hat + significance of the Straw Hat

· Luffy becoming Pirate King

· Coby eventually becoming an Admiral

· Zoro becoming World’s Greatest Swordsman

· Shimotsuki Village and Zoro’s connection to Wano and the Shimotsuki Clan (brought up and partialy resolved in Wano) + why did Kozaburo leave Wano

Syrup Village

· Usopp and Yasopp reuniting



· Sanji finding the All Blue

· Zoro defeating Dracule Mihawk

· Sanji and Ging reuniting in the Grand Line

Arlong Park


· Nami drawing the World Map


· Shanks and Mihawk’s past

· Zoro and Tashigi’s rivalry + her resemblance to Kuina

· Tashigi collecting all the 12 Supreme Grade Swords, 21 Excellent Grade Swords and 40 Fine Grade Swords from evil men

· The Kitetsu Cursed Swords Series – Zoro has owned Kitetsu III since Loguetown, Kitetsu II was seen in Wano, and Kitetsu I, the strongest one, has never been seen or mentioned since

· Dragon – intentions and powers + Luffy meeting Dragon

· What was the storm that helped the Straw Hats escape?

· Smoker pursuing Luffy

Reverse Mountain

· How does the Mountain work + mysterious gates over the canals

· Luffy and Laboon reuniting and fighting again

· Reaching Laugh Tale

Whiskey Peak – none

Little Garden

· Usopp becoming a Brave Warrior of the Sea

· Visiting Elbaf + origins and history of the Giant race

· Zoro and Sanji’s rivalry – debatable if it will ever be resolved

Drum Island

· What is the Will of D?

· Hiriluk’s diease being cured after seeing Sakura trees on an island in West Blue

· Chopper becoming a doctor that can cure any diseases


· What happened during the Void Century?

· What are the Poneglyphs (partly resolved in Zou)

· What and where is Pluton? (resolved in Wano – it is in Wano)

· What are the Ancient Weapons (partly resolved in Enies Lobby, Fishman Island and Wano)

· Why did the Nefertari Family refuse to join the nobles in Mariejois? What was their involvement in the Void Century? (brought up in Dressrosa)

· Zoan Fruit fusion with objects

· Smoker starting to doubt the World Government

· Crocodile’s past (also hinted at during Impel Down)

The Final Task Roger assigned to Whitebeard

The Misunderstanding about Hiyori in Chapter 1057