The Misunderstanding about Hiyori in Chapter 1057


In the Flower Capital the tale of the Raid on Onigashima is told to an audience of Wano citizens. The narrator says that the strength of the three pirate captains was enough to vanquish Kaido and Big Mom, who they called the “”Yokai-possessed giant oiran”.


The narrator also says that during the battle, Hiyori was accosted by Orochi only to be struck down for good by Denjiro. He goes on to say that Onigashima fell along with Kaido and freed the suffering country from their 20 years of hell. Suddenly, though, Orochi used the last of his life to tell Hiyori that the burning grude of the Kurozumi Family will curse Wano for eternity, but Hiyori, unfazed, approached him and told him that “Kurozumi” means “charcoal”; the Kurozumi were born to burn. The audience then roars with approval as Hiyori and Toko themselves appear to play music, as the tale concludes.

Some now claim that Hiyori is as bad as Orochi.

First of all, the line is a part of story written to exaggerate Hiyori and make her a badass by the writer. It isn’t what Hiyori said. Furthermore, the line, given the context clearly refer to Orochi, but the family name is used for the pun. Even more so, the Japanese phrasing doesn’t have the word “Born to”

燃えてなんぼ の 黒炭に侯つ!!!

Which roughly translates to Burning is the best way to make black charcoal! It’s a clear reference to Oden’s death, and isn’t intended to seem as all Kurozumi are born to burn like the unofficial translation.


This is reinforced by the official translation:


But Oden is a name!! Kurozumi is a family name!! Yeah? but:

1- The pun only work with the family name.

2- Is everyone called Oden also born to boil too? Cuz there are surely babies named after him, or is it only refer to one person when it suits you, and to the whole family when it doesn’t?

*by HarimaToshirou

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