All the Unsolved Mysteries and Plot Points of Wano Arc


I’m going to list all of the mysteries that could be easily forgotten but we know Oda will explain as he always does in these “big tyrant” arcs.



  • Luffy vs Kaido + Kaido’s favourite island
  • Zoro vs King + Lunarian Lore
  • Sanji vs Queen + MADS lore + Sanji power-up and internal conflict
  • Law & Kid vs Big Mom + what Kid stole from Tottoland + which of the Sweet Generals did he injure + details about their Awakenings + how does Big Mom use her lifespan; is it Awakening as well?
  • Raizo vs Fukurokuju
  • 1% Man – Hawkin’s prediction
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  • Momonosuke saving the Flower Capital + why his devil fruit is a failure
  • Yamato deactivating the bombs in the basement + getting chased by Apoo and Numbers
  • Number 6
  • Location of the Red Poneglyph – probably the armory, if I were to guess
  • CP0 vs Robin and Brook
  • Mysterious figure that saved the Scabbards
  • Orochi’s defeat
  • Denjiro
  • Momonosuke and Luffy talking telepathically
  • Giant Skull
  • Kin’emon and Usopp saving Kiku
  • Kanjuro dying + Kanjuro’s kazenbo
  • Onigashima original name


  • Shimotsuki lore
  • Void Century lore
  • Mount Fuji
  • Why is Wano isolated
  • Oden’s logbook

The World Government wanted Gomu Gomu No Mi to counter Rocks’ Devil Fruit!

Chapter 1031 proves that Sanji is the best written and developed character in One Piece!