Analyzing all the Possible Traitors of Wano


I’m gonna try to keep this simple and straight to the point. Hopefully this helps those with doubts regarding the traitor.


Kinemon (cleared): as the leader of the Scabbards and probably Oden’s most trusted, he has had alone time with Momonosuke in order to find allies. If he was the traitor, he could’ve betrayed Momonosuke at any time and gave him up, yet he tries his absolute best to rally forces and fight against Kaido.

Kawamatsu (cleared): basically the same reason as Kinemon, he’s had lots of time with Hiyori. Even after capture, he didn’t tell Kaido and his men that Hiyori was alive and well.


Ashura Doji (cleared): in the latest chapter, we see that he was back-stabbed by the traitor (most likely).


Denjiro (cleared): he isn’t even in the present story and is no where to be seen, therefore he couldn’t have been the one to betray the Straw Hats and the alliance. Unless Oda pulls something random or completely out of the blue, then Denjiro will stay cleared for now.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi (cleared): because of what happened on Zou. If they were working with Kaido and Orochi, they wouldn’t have fought with their lives on the line to save Raizo.

Kiku (cleared): some people believe its Kiku, but believe it or not she has a perfect alibi. Kinemon, Raizo, Kanjuro and Momonosuke left Wano to find Zou, but along the way they encountered a shipwreck and drifted apart. However, Jack went to Zou to specifically ask for Raizo and no one else. Kiku has no way to know they shipwrecked and that Raizo was the only one to have made it to Zou.

OTsuru (cleared): after her cameo in the latest chapter, some people are bringing her up in the conversation. She has the exact same alibi as Kiku mentioned above, plus the fact that she would have no idea where the Sunny was hidden. The location of the Sunny isn’t and shouldn’t be public knowledge among the alliance, which means only those in the Scabbards and Straw Hats themselves should know.

Shinobu (cleared): pretty self-explanatory after the latest chapter.

Kanjuro (suspicious): most people are hopping on Kanjuro and I agree with all the reasons it could be him. He lacks a definitive alibi.

Furthermore in the latest chapter something caught my attention. In the page where Kaido reveals that there might be a traitor among Odens ranks. We have an image of Oden and his Scabbards facing Kaido with surprise. But there is ONE PERSON that seems to not face Kaido. That one person is Kanjuro. Also he would be the only one to know that Raizo was on Zou.

Raizo (suspicious): there are reasons why I don’t think he’s clear after the events of Zou.

Jack was 100% certain that Raizo was on Zou without even considering the possibility that he’s gone. This would mean the information had to have come straight from the source. Jack would also need a Vivre card to find Zou and if it turns out Raizo is the traitor, then that explains why Jack was so certain he was there. Conveniently, Raizo was locked up in the Poneglyph room and could very well be the reason why he called Jack in the first place. The Vivre Card could’ve been given to the Beast Pirates before the time jump. Also as a ninja, it wouldn’t be hard for him to relay information and be a spy.

*by Threyethian

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