Top 10 Best Swordsmen Ever in One Piece




In combat terms, Ashura Doji is extremely powerful, as he was once feared as the most dangerous out of all villains that frequented Kuri in its era of chaos until he was defeated by Oden. In the present, Ashura claims that he has gotten stronger in the last 20 years. Even Kaido, one of the Yonko, sought to recruit him, and Kin’emon hails him as being worth the strength of 100 men.
Ashura Doji is a master swordsman and one of the most powerful samurai in Wano.
He was able to clash evenly with Jack, one of the Three Disasters of the Beast Pirates, and even gave the latter a massive wound across his chest. Despite his large build, Ashura is extremely fast, being capable of charging towards Jack in an instant. He also possesses a great amount of endurance, as he was seemingly unaffected when Jack cut him on the shoulder.

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