There is another Blackbeard Pirate on Egghead besides Catarina and Van Augur


There is another Blackbeard Pirate on Egghead besides Catarina and Van Augur

As Oda keeps Zoro and Lucci fighting by the lab, keep in mind the Seraphim, York, and Kaku are still within it (as well as possibly Stussy), and we haven’t seen any of them on panel since before Kuma‘s flashback.


But, there’s one other character who seems to be missing/not getting their love in recent times. The Titanic Captain Laffitte of the Blackbeard Pirates. Many assumed he was on Egghead with Catarina.

Well, what if he is? What if Laffitte has a different mission than Catarina and Van Augur?

Laffitte specializes in infiltration and hypnosis. Let’s look at how he was introduced:

In Chapter 233 and 234, we witness Sengoku and Tsuru hold a meeting with as many Warlords as they could summon (Kuma, Doflamingo, and Mihawk) to discuss the replacement of Crocodile after his defeat. Laffitte interrupts this meeting, to suggest that Blackbeard replace Crocodile as Warlord, which then led to Ace’s capture and Marineford.

So, Laffitte was introduced:
-In a mini-arc centered around replacing a Warlord.
-Infiltrating a high-up government building with tight security.
-Surrounded by Warlords who later were cloned into Seraphim.

Currently, we’re in an arc where:
-The Seraphim were supposed to replace the Warlords.
-The Seraphim are stuck in a high-up government building with tight security (The Lab protected by the lasers).
-The Seraphim are literally clones of the Warlords Laffitte met at Mary Geoise (disregarding S-Flamingo, since he’s not on Egghead).

Egghead started with Blackbeard running into Seraphim.


Catarina’s mission was to touch Saturn, who, up until now, was believed to have the highest level of Command Authority (as a Gorosei).

Who on Egghead would have a motivation to tell Catarina about Saturn’s Command Authority over the Seraphim, and the Siege on Egghead?? Yep, York.

What did York want? To become a Celestial Dragon, to rule the world. What did Van Augur just state the Blackbeard Pirate’s Goal is? Yep: The World.


Why would York trust the World Government to NOT try and kill her? Wouldn’t she have a back up plan? Yep, and this is it. The Blackbeard Pirates, a group that has no problem making money, getting resources, and has ABSOLUTELY NO ETHICAL CONCERNS ABOUT SCIENCE.

We should see Laffitte the next time we cut back to the lab.

*by CoC: Color of Clowns

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