Sanji Blocking Kizaru’s Laser Explained


Sanji Blocking Kizaru’s Laser Explained


Lasers in One Piece are not possible to block. That’s why no one else in One Piece ever done it.

This is why Zoro compared King’s attack to a laser beam, which he cannot block.


This is why Marco when trying to block with his shield was still full of holes. The only reason he could do this is because he had regeneration.

For comparison, Kaido’s attack could not get through the shield so Marco himself was fine.


And no, Rayleigh did not block a laser, he kicked Kizaru’s leg in order to redirect the laser.



Seraphim who can tank pretty much anything, were still not prepared for lasers.

Which means only adult Seraphim could possibly tank a laser.

Big Mom who pretty much tanks everything with her body, was also somewhat afraid of a laser that she had to grab a homie in front of herself in order to defend herself.


In this chapter Sanji did both.

Not only did he block a laser and even split it into pieces, he also took no damage.

This is why Franky and Kizaru (laser users and scientist) are shocked by it.

This feat breaks One Piece world’s physics, that’s why Kizaru questions physics.

*by jibatbalvonas

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